The harshest punishment a human can suffer

Pierce, Seavon



Title The Harshest Punishment a Human Can Suffer Enforcement is needed to obtain justice where you have over ten years of evidence of innocence being disregarded by the same people that review all legal judgments to ensure justice and fairness within the court system. The law instructs all courts that no such person alleged to be a second car driver can be found guilty as a participant of robbery as the law that must be enforced in all courts. After the receipt of this evidence of a wrongful imprisonment by the people that now make up the justice system. You have a total disregard for human life or the laws that require freedom for a person actively suffering a wrongful imprisonment. This evidence coincides with barbarianism or the harshest punishment a human can suffer that equals death, facts that the courts have defined as cruel and unusual punishment, the harshest punishment a human can suffer. This issue is one of the many known issues filed to the courts and justice departments among the millions of unknown cases to the public in which enforcement in the petition at for the public to now join to obtain resolution. This is a daily reality for millions of families across the United States as one factor to assist in these daily sufferings ignored by those sworn under a duty of law to protect the constitution, meaning to ensure justice is imposed in all legal cases. SP 6-15-20 Seavon Pierce

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: June 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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