The honorable Dr. Martin Luther King

Peebles, Johnny



The Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once stated “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Many inmates including myself are the recipient of many acts of injustice taking place behind the walls of this ”contradictive” Alabama Prison System. One act of injustice that troubles me is the violation of our Constitutional Right to proper medical care under the Fourteenth Amendment. The 4 Alabama Department of Corrections is neglecting its duties to provide adequate treatment {to its inmates after the seriousness of the illness has been made known. No inmate should have to file a lawsuit in order to receive proper care. By the time the lawsuit goes through, the inmate may very well be dead. One would think that with A.D.O.C.’s "Highly accepted” practices of unhealthy living, they would be more intellectually acute to the sensitive needs of the inmates in their custody. inmates are suffering and some have even lost their lives as a result of poor and neglectful medical care. Another act of injustice that troubles me is the mistreatment of our family members during visitations andthe outrageous prices of our commissary are misleading and ridiculous. , 4‘ I .». .. ’ ' .' » a .. . _ f ' .,...~-:>,. . n. ‘X . _,'. .'-.,"'.'.l"- \ v:'v\vy¢'|_(v ,lrl:ltl.I unlawful tactics of price gouging and false advertising in their list of products. Another act of injustice that troubles me is A.D.O.C.’s promotion of homosexuality by depriving heterosexual inmates of our proper rights. We should be allowed conjugal visits with our wives and the publication of men's magazines displaying women in their natural state. We are all grown men, not minors. Our eyes are already open. 1 Another act of injustice is corruption and the suppression of corruption by Alabama Department of Corrections when their own are involved. These acts of injustice are a disgrace to us inmates, our families, and to those who care about the forgotten souls. l have always maintained a high level of respect for authority; however, I refuse to accept the type of injustice in its rawest form that would cause even my ancestors to cringe. All of us in here are not monsters. We're men who've made mistakes and are struggling to re—enter back into society so that we may begin an outside effort to right or wrong. Thank you for your assistance and attention. Sincerely, Johnny Peebles, A #231035/H-Dorm i

Author: Peebles, Johnny

Author Location: Alabama

Date: July 31, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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