The illuminatti and the devil

Torres, Eduardo



The illuminati and the devil Eduardo Torres If one has not heard of the illuminatti chances are they have of the devil, and if one believes in the illuminatti their percepective of the devil is substantually less righteous. The illuminatti and the devil are the same thing but they divide people who heard of "New Age" propaganda. The main thing that stands between the two terms is where the devil is one, the illuminatti is many, and people loose their faith in their knowledge of the bible if it is meager or otherwise insufficient. Though the bible does say wicked people exist and are worshipped by fools of the ungodly paths, people are fooled to think it's any different today. The illuminatti is known to be defined as people who have sold their souls, are sociopaths, practice black magic, or otherwise are psycic and pathologically influenced by a member of the illuminatti order. Artists, actors, politicians, leaders of any kind could be wicked followers of the order. Their power could be of voodoo nature or of clairevoyant nature or even of celestial nature as well as that of cross dementional. The devil and the illuminatti are a order of many and their numbers grow like an infection of the population. The view on the devil pretty much stands firm, it's bad but propaganda can shift knowledge and change this view. By personal expirience I learned knowledge can be subjective and manipulative by its core of foundations. The serpent in the Garden of eden used the powers of the fruit of the tree with a head start to always be one step ahead of humans and the path of knowlege is paved this way. For reason is lustful, and the mind is peaceful. The devil is the reason for all bad mortality, weaknessess of all kind, and even limitations of the mind; however, times are getting better. Though times are changeing we still are fooled. People think that just because something has benefit it is right to do. Truth is that everything in the universe can be seen as one. We need to act responsibly. Foolishness is a valid flaw in many people it's degree ranges from meanal to grave lifelong mistakes or worse. In conclusion, if you stay away from risk your safly under God's love. Otherwise you run risk to be fooled and get set up for damage. -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: May 11, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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