The inmate’s re-entry back into society

Curtis, Denton Brantley



Seven Hot Topics Concerning North Carolina's Prison System The Inmate's Re-Entry Back Into Society This is the last topic of this writing concerning north Carolina's prison system. This topic will not be as long as the other it will be brief but informative! Within the last thirty (30) years this world and our society from a social perspective has changed. technology has made life a little easier for those who have been active citizens of our nation. However for those of us who have been incarcerated for a decade or more technology has made it harder for inmate who have or will be released. For inmates that have release dates, preparations need to be made at least two (2) years prior to an inmates project release date. Throughout the duration period of an inmates prison term must take advantage of vocational classes, and any type of job training that he can transmit to his work ethic and skilled labor resume. In 1994 president Bill Clinton signed off on a bill called the "Free Trade agreement" which allowed alot of the jobs in our country to be shipped to other countries and the job's that remain require a strong work ethic and a particular type of job skills training. If an inmate will apply himself to the programs provided by the prison system, obtain his G.E.D. or some authentic standard of education, and not be idle (lazy, comfortable, or complacent) within his prison term, he (the inmate) can make out and achieve plans in society that will cause him to be prosperous and successful in the occupation that he chooses. Every inmate within the prison system with a release date. Should be careful not to be consumed by the prison life or become institutionalized, it makes it harder for that inmate to function in society when he is released. Alot of inmates that have been released back into society have to draw disability from the state when they are released, because throughout the duration time of the prison term they allowed prison life to paralyze they're thinking. Not to mention the fact that alot of men are full of age and cannot work due to various physical dilemma's. Out of all of the seven (7) ex-inmates that I correspond with on a daily basis all of them agree that an ex-inmate must have discipline, because you may be released from prison, but you still have nine month past release supervision that requires the ex-inmate to adhere to a particular curfew and a probation officer, which means that although an inmate may be released from prison he still belongs to the state (DPs) the amount of inmates that come back to prison for probation violation is ridiculous. Depending on the nature of the crime that landed an inmate prison some inmates may have a harder time adapting in and to society then other ex-inmates. However they all share one thing in common and that is the scrutiny from society. The media along with the statistics of repeat offenders has given society a perception of inmates whether in prison or re-entering society. The odds are stacked against the inmate re-entering society, for that reason an inmate must be disciplined, focused and optimistic despite how society has viewed him. In the face of a dark past, and sometime constant failures or attempts to get a job. I was taught that an inmate is not defeated if he fails, but he is defeated when he quits! A inmate that has been incarcerated for a long period of years must not perceive society presently upon his release as he perceived it before being incarcerated. There must be a new residence, new company, a new vision and out look on life. Oh my the number of inmates that re-enter society and end up dead within a few month's to a year is sad my cousin christopher compton was one of these inmates. It is my prayer that the inmates re-entering society would life a life in society that makes path;s for other inmates whom though different will still be able to follow the example set in front of them by those inmates who re-entered society first. Walking in true honor and integrity with their heads held high. Realizing that re-entering society is God's way of saying try again and this time do what is right. The Inmates Re-Entry Back Into Society

Author: Curtis, Denton Brantley

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: April 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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