The ‘irreversible-truth’: of ‘life’; and, ‘the creator’

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



“The ‘Irreversible-Truth’; of ‘Life’?; and, ‘the Creator’!” “Time-medically, ‘internal between beginning and ending’! ('epidemic’) ‘Time-scientifically, ‘nonspatial continuum in which events occur’! ('thanatos’) ‘Time-root, ‘da- to divide… demon and Time’! (‘daiesthai’) Greek – and dividing ‘Time’; (the prison): “We Are More Than mannequins.’ As I pen this, satan (demon) tries, to interfere! I won’t reveal how, we all have our cross-to-bear’! Suffice it too say, like, ‘guards do’ (interfere)! Today, is saturday, the 10th of August, 2019! I’ve been durance, since January 5th, 1990! See, previous, essays? But, after all this ‘time,’ I’d not seen what I pen; today! Wow, then, many will not awaken; to this truth! Oh, prison (Earth) isn’t preferable; instead of this dream state! (To Base) Imagine, a job where, laws are discretionary? Where the application (of law) depend, on the color of the skin? Then too, discipline (of enforcers/law) remains; in the hands of one-race? That, justice (Bible: Ira. 10:2;Hab. 1:4, Acts 1:23 and Col. 4:11) is ‘justus’? Would the law seem, corrupt? Or, at least, its implementation? Taken another way, an ‘oligarchy’ run state? On the streets, we call it ‘hypocrisy’! Well, that’s amerikkka; since, ‘reconstruction’! But, also, ‘every poor person (durance) created their income’; out-of-desperation! More to the point, being ‘locked out’ (durance: ‘locked up and locked in’); by, a, corrupt-government! (cf. domestic-terrorism?) Most do not remember, con-games; except, maybe, via a movie (“Superfly” – for instance)! My point is, 'Superfly' professed (as a movie) to be, about 'a pimp’! Yet, it is about: ‘a con man,' who is Black! Anyway, a ‘pimp’ is defined in part: ‘as a procurer…’ in ‘Hollywood,’ they’re called ‘an agent’! You’ve seen movies, ‘where they receive ten per cent’ (of their clientage); right? Well, in reality, it applies for: strip clubs; massage parlors; lawyers; banks -- loans for homes, cars, business, ad infinitum -- unions; even, voters (Electors) et cetera.1 “Whoever thought, power behind enforcing laws (also, enacting them) could make them apply’: ‘to disadvantaged,' disproportionally?” [redacted] © While no oversight exists, ‘to stem the tide’; to their corruption? Sounds like ‘totalitarianism' to me, don’t it, ‘to you’? So here’s why, supra! (1 of 2) "THe Irreversible-truth": Of 'Life'; and, 'The Creator'!" (con't) (1) The best way -- for business success -- to prosperous citizens is, ‘keep them spending at their business’; (2) Be members of a monopoly (of businesses), supported ‘by the government’; and, (3) 'Self-perpetuation’ (of, their, business’)! ‘The Prison’ is, all of these! So now, the basis (of ‘Time’)! Whether you’re ‘in prison,’ or; in ‘mental-amnesia’ you-are-in-prison! At ‘ADX Max,’ Florence, Colorado, like, hundreds (other-prisons); unions-keep-employees-predominately-one-race! The three (3) areas (Time: medical; science; and, origin-Root) durance, 'the global people’! However, like here (ADX), few are aware! ‘A great example is, POTUS and VP’! Due to criminal acts committed (pre-office), countless crimes have multiplied; ‘post-office’! And with lackeys on board, our-government (overtly): repeats history america & slavery! POTUS candidate (Andrew Yang) coined; math, make america think harder! But what State, is thinking? (‘Bitter is the end… Eccles 7:8) And so, ‘beginning and ending,’ an ‘epidemic’ ravages; america (based in religions: Islam; Christianity; Judaism; Hinduism; etc.)! Don’t believe me? Just visit, States where ‘Nature destroys’? Stead of ‘reconstruction’ (of those, States) we have: Congress; Supreme Court; and, DOJ on vacation’!!! ‘Thanatos,' government (death wish); ‘stepping over bodies’ (of americans)! As well, the ‘root’; ‘daiesthai-Greek: ‘to divide’ destroys america; rooted in hate! As ‘in here,’ or ‘out there’; ‘hate’ rules! Those (free: out there) forsake: durance; ‘G-d’; and, ‘truth’ (cf. ‘fake news’?)! Guaranteeing: ‘the past fate, pre-civil war'! ‘Add, too that: ‘Blind Worship’ (following) ‘of skin’; just like here: ‘death wish’! ‘This will never be: in media/internet??? ‘In here’ (out there) folk follow, generations; and/or ‘skin color’! While one’s chance, ‘to unite’ (americans), are ravaged; by hatred! ‘It’s the curse....’ ‘Time’ is, ‘best spent on positive ventures’; but, ‘the curse’ (from) 'condemnation takes us down’! Where are ‘y’alls’ votes (for: Hillary)??? You, nonbelievers (in G-d), ipso facts prove; evil future (america)! “Do not say… former Times were better than these”! Ecclesiastes 7:10/99 ARA © 8/10/19 ADX (plantation) CO cc: 2 "1 Electors about 1/10 of state voters for one-party” (2 of 2)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: August 10, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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