The last door steps

Favors, Gene T.



Dt: 5-27-20 To: APWA Fr: Favors The Last Door Steps Again it go(s) past the power of my word(s) to express Rotting inside of a Corpse under a Prison Out Break of Covid 19. I told you so! That it was Dangerous living with rodeo Clowns and I could expect to get the Respiratory emission(s) (Covid 19). On 4-23-20, I tested Positive for Respiratory Emissions (Covid 19). In matter of facts the Housing Unit was tested to see who was possessed with Covid 19 and out of 79 Clowns 63 tested Positive and 16 tested Negative. And out of 1,300 Hundred Clowns, 400 Hundred tested Negative and 900 Hundred Tested Positive. Yeah! The Warden have divided the Housing Units into Positive and Negative Unit(s). Again I am witnessing Clowns dying and being Hospitalized and being Quarantine. Lakeland C. F. was on the T.V. News for breaking records of having the most Covid 19, Clowns Deafs and Positive Cases through out Michigan Correctional Facilities. Yeah! Ambulance chasers (Attorneys) are quickly Capitalizing on Covid 19 and filing Class Action law suits on behalf of all Clowns. 1 Lakeland C.F. is the Last Door Steps because Lakeland Houses 90% of clowns are 50 years or Older, as well as Terminally Ill and been Locked up for Decades. Again its not so much Rotting inside of Lakeland C.F. but its about being around Clowns who only care about Gym Shoes, Store Orders and Cook-Up. These Rodeo Clowns don't care about how the Covid 19 is falling across the Land Creating Deaf and Terrorizing their Neighborhoods. The Nurses gave Clowns who tested Positive vitamins and they been taking Vitals. On 5-22-20, 5-23-20, the Michigan National Guards enter Prison and taken Swabs for Antibodies. The Nurse did Blood Testes to examine Clowns Antibodies. The Warden has Shut Down Visits, School, College, Law and General Libraries, Religious Services, Barber Shop, and Recreation(s). Ooops! The Chow Hall is shut down and Clowns are eating Bag meals. All the kitchen Staff and some Clowns was affected with the Covid 19. Also so many Guards were affected that the prison is not testing their Vitals any longer. The Phone Company took back one of two 5 mins. free phone calls. 2 I filed a grievance for becoming affected with Covid 19 and it was denied by the Grievance Coordination under a Grievance Restriction. Finally the spread of Covid 19 in Lakeland C.F. was a Conspiracy and i can prove it. Gene T. Favors Lakeland C.F. Coldwater, MI 49036 cc:[f1.?] 3

Author: Favors, Gene T.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: May 27, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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