The law instructs that concealment establishes the violation: Cut the b.s.!

Pierce, Seavon



Heading: The Law Instruct that Concealment Establishes the Violation Title: "Cut the B.S.!" The District Attorney and Attorney General of Sacramento expressed to the public that “we” are going to do a independent investigation to determine whether these officers broke the law or whether evidence exists of a murder. These words, separate the classes of people regarding the same actions viewed by countless people of the same videos edited by the same people who released a part of the full videos to the public. The videos of the shooting reflects that the officers were trained what to say when a officers actions are not consistant with the law or procedures of the department. The statements provide no time for reaction if one was to have a intent to shoot a officer for no reason. The responding officers immediately concealed evidence of statements regarding the officers intentions or thoughts by muting the sounds on their body cameras. This concealment of evidence reflects knowledge of wrongdoing of the unlawful shooting. The Police Department without stating these words, would have the public believe that Stephon Clark was waiting around the corner with a gun in his hand aimed at officers regardless of the videos viewed by the public. When the District Attorney and Attorney General of Sacramento allege that they are conducting a independent investigation, they view point is from the same people who unofficially instruct officers to state such words when or before committing acts not consistant with the law. Of the multiple people who have been the victim of excessive force by officers can testify to the officers yelling “Stop resisting” as statements which allows the officers to commit acts defined as excessive force as also reflected upon countless videos which record these same acts committed by officers of multiple different departments. Many things are hidden in plain view, even murderous acts committed by the police. I refuse to view these acts as normal when the evidence reflects a pattern or format to conceal such acts recorded on camera as illegal acts committed by officers. Its various forms at,, Im seeking support, the same activist who see the crooked cops for being exactly what they are, “crooked cops !”. Im recording the same concerted acts of concealment after over ten officers broke my nose while in handcuffs, acts still being concealed as of 11-13-13. Of the over 15 separate injuries inflicted while in handcuffs, none of these injuries have been reported by the multiple officers involved, and I have evidence of these illegal acts of officers reported to the multiple agencies employed as oversight to prevent such acts. Please add me as a friend or follow at: seavon.pierce.1 at Facebook as the crooked cops are also trying to conceal these intentional crimes committed based upon hate, and this should be a hate crime! by Seavon "Mae'Blue" Pierce also sent to Bayview and Prisonworld (Radio Show SP Seavon Pierce 11-25-19

Author: Pierce, Seavon

Author Location: California

Date: November 25, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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