The legalization of genocide: Genocide as a common practice..:

Askari, Kijana Tashiri



THE LEGALIZATION OF GENOCIDE: GENOCIDE AS A COMMON PRACTICE..: By design, the S.H.U. (Security Housing Unit) in Pelican Bay State Prison, in Kalifornia, has been formulated to take on the role of the executioner. In that, the cause-n-effects of this sensory deprived oppressive dungeon of kaptivity, is solely aimed at annihilating all forms of humanity. This point is further materialized, in hindsight of the parallel components which is featured as the criteria, for an individual prisoner being placed in these oppressive dungeons for an indefinite basis, as well as the criteria for an individual prisoner sticking to be liberated from these oppressive confines. At the on-set of the S.H.U. being regulated as your atypical, operative apparatus of the U.S. colony of prisons, its sole purpose to neutralize the violence that was being perpetuated in the general population. A critical analysis of the present conditions, that defines the dynamics of the general population, literally informs us that this objective was unsuccessful, as these racist government agents of these modernized koncentration kamp(s) was solely responsible for instigating the majority of the violent acts that took place. But as years pass on, this objective was negated, in order to satisfy these racist government agents real objective, neo-genocide!! Shortly thereafter, our kaptors created the following protocol; 1) Target those prisoner(s) of Afrikan/Mexican descent for purposes of criminalizing our very existence as it relates to belonging to a prison gang, who is involved in so-called criminal activities; 2) Subject those prisoner(s) whose existence has been criminalized, to indefinite lock—up status to the S.H.U.; 3) Propogate the tyrannical practices of ensuring that those prisoner(s) that have been marginalized unjustly as a criminal, by stripping them of their cultural identity, which literally means, criminalizing/prohibiting us prisoner(s) from being in possession, and/or studying our inherent cultural language; and 4) Establish a pseudo-mandate as to how a prisoner who has been criminalized can be released from the S.H.U., which is accentuated as follows: a) snitch on a fellow prisoner; b) parole; or c) die. My people, this is the arbitrary practices of neo—genocide in its most purest form!! The dictionary defines genocide as; "The deliberate extermination of a people or nation..." It must be further understood, that this modern society (North Amerikkka) was established on the unsavory component of genocide, in particularly, when our Euro-Amerikkkan kaptors waged a blood thirsty war of unyielding acts of murder, against the original inhabitants of this land that we now refer to as North Amerikkka. Yes, I’m referring to the Native Indians. In order for an individual person to be defined as being part of a nation, one must be able to grasp the significant dynamics of that nation, as it is the origin of that nation, which ultimately defines the cultural identity of that individual person. Example: for every individual person, his/her own cultural identity is a function of that reality, as it relates to his/her people. A cultural identity are those components, which collectively defines the collective personality of a particular group of people, such as; "the psychological; linguistic; and of course the historical factors..." These genocidal practices are not new per se, they only appear to be new in theoretical practice, in which these tactics are meticulously employed, as the S.H.U. is a microcosm of society at large. You see, the legalization of genocide is also featured in the inefficiencies, that subsequently intertwines the suppressive vices of genocide out in Babylon, to these same vices in the U.S. colony of prisons. Everything from the inadequate medical/health care; the destitute state of public schools, which is a tool utilized to rape the people of their true cultural identity; the deplorable conditions of the housing/shelter provided for the oppressed, which is not conducive to producing a healthy environment, the racist laws that are regulated to purposedly criminalize the oppressed communities, in particular, the window dressing crusade of the so-called War on Drugs. When in essence, the true objective of the War on Drugs was to permeate the oppressed communities with unlimited access to drugs. Now, some may be entertaining the question; "Where am I going with this?" Well for starters, these same malignant antagonisms are also apparent within these U.S. colony of prisons. Meaning that the agents of genocide are at work both in Babylon, and in these oppressive dungeons simultaneously. I will now utilize the three formidable components (psychological, linguistic, & historical factors) that distinguishes a person’s cultural identity, as a compass for establishing proof of this material dialectic, with regards to the S.H.U. being a sanction vehicle, of this racist government, so that the dissemination of genocide can be legalized as a reality. Being held in the wretched confines of the S.H.U., leaves your atypical prisoner vulnerable to being exposed to the blatant extremes of racist psychological torture. As it is a scientific fact, that, any extensive stay in isolated confinement will leave a prisoner psychologically scarred, regardless of the adjustments that an individual attempts to make, in order to better his/her present conditions of kaptivity. Now ask yourself, "Why is the majority of these U.S. colony of prisons located in rural, isolated areas, totally away from the inner city ghetto(s) that most prisoners’ families reside in??" Making it totally impossible for under-privileged families to sustain any kind of physical contact with their loved ones that are being held kaptive in these U.S. colony of prisons. Sustaining physical contact is a true form of living, but once that physical contact is negated, death becomes the highlight of that particular exchange. Yes, genocide!! Meaning, that the oppressed family structure is debilitated from its natural essence of unity. But this dynamic is taken to another extreme, once we separate the conditions of prison in the generalized sense, and then consider the desolate state of the Security Housing Units (S.H.U.), as these suppressive abodes offer no human contact what-so-ever. Combine these factors, with the fact that, these racist government agents have also prohibited us prisoners from studying, and/or identifying with our inherent cultural language, and we should collectively arrive at the conclusion that, not only is the U.S. colony of prisons diabolical in nature, and draconian in its social practice, but also, it is ultimately a form of legalized (neo)-genocide within its common historical pretext of existence. “The Peoples Servant Tashiri..." Kijana Tashiri Askari s/n M. Harrison

Author: Askari, Kijana Tashiri

Author Location: California

Date: October 21, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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