The lying truth

Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico



"THE LYING TRUTH" By: Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey,G.S. Those of us who are in prison have been convicted. Everyone else is still on trial. In the State of Missouri there's no telling what parts of the lie society will get when it comes down to telling the truth. Society today, has been systema to believe whatever the Officials say about anything, that it's the absolute truth. Lies are believed by those outside of the prison system because it's a way for society to perpeuate the misconception that those incarcerated are no harm because the State Officials have everything under control. It took the skillful eye of United States Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, to see that not only does the State of Missouri not follow its own laws when addressing vital issues, but rather, they lie to the public to justify an end to their means! See (Attached Article of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Execution of Kevin Johnson-Exhibit A). Herein, the State of Missouri and its Legislators, who seem to simply take take take, away from prisoners and non-prisoners alike, because there are those who overlook the very laws they put into place, just to justify the infliction -and pain endured by those beneath them. Worse, Missouri's Governor Mike Parson, in his corrupt way of thinking and asserting to society that Missouri's Criminals are under control, by being in the Missouri Department of Corrections, society is safe! In a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article dated Wednesday December 7, 2022, a Cole County Circuit Court Judge. Jon Beetem pointed out that Parson's said acts and maneuverings was unconstitutional, when taking away the unions from the Missouri Prison guards. These guards are the one's getting caught bringing in cell phones, drugs and the cause of so many prisoner overdoses, [y]et, let parson continue to lie to society they are safe... is the biggest lie passed on as the truth. Why and how? First, those subjected to whatever restraints by the prison system, have been returned to society with habits of hate and a mad desire for revenge against the prison system. Second, The Republican-backed 2018 law put all state employees under the same, nonmerit regulations. The State removed testing requirements to qualify for jobs and terminated the appeals process for a merit system employee who was disciplined or fired. See (Attached Exhibit B). The Missouri Department of Corrections and Officials have taken away the Prisoner Mail, saying that the. prisoners are getting the drugs into the prison by mail. Then came prisoners visitors are bringing in the drugs, that's why there are so many overdoses. See (Attached Exhibit C). This is the "Lying Truth!" Not once did Missouri Officials say a word about the cell phones from the same company etc., they've constantly confiscated from prisoners. Until society is involved in the actual corrections of these prisoners, it's going to be worse! Lies are told to the public, in that they know nothing's going to happen, so why not continue this ongoing lie? Peace & Allah's Love & Mercy! Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey

Author: Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico

Author Location: Missouri

Date: 2023

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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