The making of a prisoner in Missouri & the application of infamous 13th amendment’s lie

Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico



“THE MAKING OF A PRISONER IN MISSOURI & THE APPLICATION OF INFAMOUS 13TH AMENDMENT'S LIE" By: Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey Those of us who are in prison have been convicted. Everyone else is still on trial. In today's society of the "Criminal Justice System," the only fix for anyone falsely charged for a crime in the State of Missouri... if one is [feJither Negro, Black, Colored or [n]ow as this system classify the above mentioned-African American, is lock us up. This is the most easy task those running the system has to its advantage, because first, as they've falsely told those mentioned above that they're entitled to a fair trial, when allegedly claimed that we've violated their laws; as well do we have United States Constitutional laws to protect “us" from wrongs at this period of our lives. Second, this is the biggest lie ever told to the people being made prisoner in Missouri and also, other states as well! We're never entitled to a fair or impartial trial under the conditions of the people running the system, because how could one be entitled to such when the Judge is hired by the State [system], the Prosecutor is hired by the State [system], and finally, our defense Lawyers are hired by the State [system]? Prosecutor submit several motions to stop a prisoner [defendant] from presenting any form of defense that will undertake the State's evidence... refuting it to the point whereas the judge knowingly knows that the State hasn't a prayer, so the prosecutor's motions are granted. {y]et, when the defense makes such reasonable requests for favorable motions to hold the State to its burden of proof, these defense motions are denied and deprives the defendant the opportunity to hold his/her grounds, but it's classified as being fair and impartial to those running this system. These factors are considered by the jury panel, who I believe are some of the most dumbest people I've ever seen, in that, most of the jury panel has already convicted many of "us" just by the shade of our skin color, our background and our neighborhoods that we come from. Moreover, they never believe that the Police lie and figure that if they caught you... that you must have done it or something, because one is now detained on the charges. Because jurors are protected by many statements given by the judge to the jury, for their consideration during deliberations, guilty verdicts are often times rendered 98% of the time when it comes done to “us" as a nation of people. Appeals are taken by many whom have asserted United States Constitutional violations, that the system claims we're entitled to, but when we point them out supported by case law... the Court of Appeals finds contrary and deny relief sought. How fortunate, huh? It's easy for the system to apply the 13TH Amendment's attachments to "us" then, because now we've been committed to the Missouri Department of Corrections, where we live until we either die or granted some sort of relief later on down the line. The Department of Corrections now can classify "us" as the slaves identified in the language of the 13TH Amendment of the United States Constitutional law that states as follows: “The 13TH Amendment prohibits slavery and the involuntary servitude, “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted."" Following the Civil War, states in the vanquished Confederacy worried that their war-torn economies would be overwhelmed by the increased cost of production incurred by plantation owners forced to pay market wages for labor since they could no longer own slaves. This system can never justify this act perpetuated upon prisoners today. In the making of prisoners the Court system and the Department of Corrections work hand-N-hand to bring about the designed task. When one looks at the Prison Industry Complex, it can't help but notice that they can bring an Automobile parts service, an Air Plane service or any other company it desires to the Missouri Department of Corrections, because it's able to pay less then any amount of money entitled under the Federal wages guaranteed workers today. Moreover, prison staff are forced to make persons that are able, to work for nearly nothing at all, while all the time they reap benefits on the backs of the slaves [prisoners]. If prison staff would have to perform these tasks themselves, they'd quit! Why? They aren't build to perform any of the tasks persons incarcerated have been forced to do. This is shown in their every day looks and lack of ability to be healthy enough to run towards a fight when it's obviously found that they are completely out of breath after running only 10' feet or so! The actual making of a prisoner has much to do with prisoners [defendants] being denied and deprived the actual right to a "jury of his/her peers." Last I checked, peers are classified as follows: "A person who is the equal of another in abilities, social status,etc." We are having people classified as our peers, that never comes from the same background as we do, don't have anything in common with us as a people, less known, don't understand anything about what we've gone through in our lives, [y]et, looked upon as nothing and nobody worthy of listening to! Why? Because they're not our equals or classify us as being human beings. This has been an Ongoing process with the so-called Negro, Black, Colored and African American Leadership, who refuse to step up and correct the process subjecting "us" to being classified as prisoners. It's a well known fact that our so-called Black, Negro, Colored and African American Leadership plays a big part in what I'm saying or not saying, because nobody steps up to make any challenges to the makings of "us" as prisoners. The leader is the best and the worst of the community and the reason that one is a leader is that correctness is displayed and practiced ninety-nine percent of the time while incorrectness is a decreasing one per cent. More than ever, the leaders of a community, city, state or nation are the clearest reflection of that entity: the state of being of the leadership is the most direct reflection of the state of being of the people. [yJet, why do we in our condition continously make excuses for the failing of our leadership when actually, they are suppose to be the best examples and stand up to the type of actions allowing the open making "us" out of slaves. Prisons have a supply and demand just as any other options in life that we face, thereby making prisoners has been a well known fact in the State of Missouri. Who benefits from the making of a prisoner in Missouri? By the Missouri Department of Corrections being tricked by then Gov. Jay Nixon, they created the Missouri Vocational Enterprise (MVE), who produce goods for judges, prosecutors, etc. under the table. This is now being ran by the Chairman (U.S. Senator Josh Hawley] who call the shots on what is or isn't! Yet, they pay the prisoners next to nothing for producing over Millions of dollars in products, sold under the table and outside the clear knowledge of the public, whom are to damn dumb to think about why are all the prisoners in the State of Missouri denied their appeals? I'll tell you why? Recently, I filed with the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, a "Petition For Writ of Habeas Corpus" and after being forced to pay $70.00 for the review of my United States Constitutional claims, the Court rubber Stamp the claim as they've done thousands of prisoners after charging them for the same service, and denied "us" the requested relief prayed for. Thereafter, I filed a Missouri Sunshine Law Request under Chapter 610 Revise Statute of Missouri, requesting that the Court turn over to me the filing of Petitions For Habeas Corpus by the Missouri prisoners from 2010 to 2020, so that I'd be privileged to have this information for my investigation. After making a fuss with the Clerk and threatening to bring in Black Lives Matter and Organization For Black Struggle, the Clerk went on and turned over to me stats from 2016 to 2020. This is those of "us" whom paid the Court $70.00 per case, Pro se...[{meaning without an attorney]. In 2016, there were 199 Writs filed by prisoners and only (12) were granted; 2017, there were 188 Writs filed by prisoners and only (9) were granted; 2018, there were 162 Writs filed by prisoners and only (7) were granted; 2019, there were 174 Writs filed by prisoners and only (7) were granted; and 2020, there were 173 Writs filed by prisoners and only (4) were granted. According to the evidence provided to me by the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, 896 prisoners filed these $70.00 Writs contesting their convictions and the total amount charged $62.720. See: Attached document in support. When Bill Clinton was the governor in Arkansas, prisoners were used to perform various houshold tasks at his residence. According to former First Lady Hillary Clinton, it was a great longstanding tradition that prisoners were used to serve their every call and if prisoners violated any rules established, they'd immediately remove them and replace them with another prisoner. She quoted in her 1996 book, "It Takes a Village," that having meals served by prisoners [servants] was “an unusual aspect of living at the governor's mansion." In closing, it's obvious that the 13TH Amendment and making of slaves [prisoners] is what society demands of the incarcerated and as long as we continue to allow it to carry on, one can not ever say that "JUNETEENTH" as being a Holiday celebrating the slaves being free is just or reasonable. Respectfully, By: Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey APPENDIX Fiscal Year |Writs Filed |Writs Granted FY20 |173 writ petitions |4 FY19 |174 writ petitions |7 FY18 |162 writ petitions |7 FY17 |188 writ petitions |9 FY16 |199 writ petitions |12 Sincerely, Laura Thielmeier Roy Clerk of Court

Author: Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico

Author Location: Missouri

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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