The male man

Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.



The male man The Male Man “I know a place, ain’t nobody cryin, ain’t nobody worryin, all these false faces...somebody help me now...I’ll Take You There...Let Me Take You There....” There is a place, where ain’t nobody crying, ain’t nobody worryin’, it's only filled with a bunch of false faces. There has been emphasis placed on the lyrics of this old song by the Staple Singer’s called “I’ll Take You There.” The Staple Singer’s were speaking about heaven, I supposed. I am speaking about the Residential Treatment Program (RTP) located within the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), a different type of heaven. In order to get into the heaven above, you must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and in a nutshell reverse your course of destructive actions. To get into the RTP heaven, you can keep and practice your destructive nature, however you must manipulate your way in and you still must make the MDOC/RTP gods believe something. The first thing you must make these gods believe is that you are faithfully mentally ill. You must contend that you are depressed, suicidal, paranoid, bi-polar, or something convincing. The MDOC/RTP gods must believe you or you will not enter therein. The blessings associated with this heaven is (1) you can practice homosexuality. Many, many males come out of the closet for this act; (2) you are protected within a city of refuge; (3) you have all sorts of drugs; (4) you can operate a business; and (5) you can commit unlimited sin. However, just like the church, everyone herein are not saints. In other words, there are some within the MDOC/ RTP heaven that are faithfully mentally ill while many are simply claiming to be. Many are claiming and many are chosen, however, only a few fit the criteria. Some of the so-called blessings are dangerous. For example, there is no way to practice safe sex, therefore, this male on male is not only against the norms, according to skeptics in society, it is dangerous for the women in society. For instance, these males who are labeling themselves as men, are having SECRET sex with other males and then when released are going back into a MAN role and having sex with women. There is no telling what these male men are passing on to these women. Next, the drugs. These male men are playing a mental health game with mental health medication that could be affecting their brain. For example, I once knew a man who wanted a diet meal and snack bag. In order to achieve such, he had to make health care believe that he was a diabetic. He did and health care was giving this deceiver insulin. This man was faithfully pretending to take the insulin shooting the diabetic liquid into his shirt never once placing it into his body UNTIL one day, one nurse wanted to see all the men take their medication. The man was forced to place the insulin in his system and when he did he became sicker than a fat man holding onto one chicken nugget. Unlike insulin, which effects the body, mental health medication affects the brain. The insulin was taking its toll on the man's body, trust me I know because I am that man. Undoubtedly, not everybody, including myself has deceptively entered into the MDOC / RTP heaven and misusing the mental health medication and program, however, the majority are. More importantly, street drugs also exist and, in my humble opinion, this is a very dangerous combination. Finally, this heaven is a heaven to enjoy. It's a city of refuge where those who have taken advantage of little children, or committed acts against their parents, or involved in other prison “no no’s” find safety. After taking advantage of others, now they themselves are looking for protection. In the MDOC / RTP heaven, because these males are so well-protected, they become invincible, untouchable, and live a lavish lifestyle UNTIL they hear those words “you are being discharged.” Suddenly they go back to the same thing that used to get them into the MDOC/ RTP Heaven the first, second, or third time. It's a revolving door. In essence, can either be viewed as a win-win or lose lose situation, after all, the staff gets the paychecks, by the prisoner prisoners get their pleasures. The Male Man, What a DELIVERANCE.

Author: Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: April 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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