The modern Galileo

Richter, Robert



July 16, 2017 The Modern Galileo I have been continually retaliated against because I am fighting against this country’s illegal official religion. Nonsense, you say, the US doesn’t have an official religion, can’t, under the constitution? If you believe that, you are a victim of ignorance, other’s, your own. In Edwards v. Aguillard, The Supreme Court ruled that religion cannot be taught in public schools, even when it is disguised as science. That decision wasn’t overturned, but the disguise got better. In October 2010, after 30 years of work, I discovered that the “science” of physics was based on a pair of silly errors, that I had been wasting my time on pure nonsense. Were I a free man, I could have published my findings immediately, but as a prisoner, everything I do is filtered and controlled by the state. When I started writing to magazines, an officer warned me that I’d better stop, or the prison administration would stop me. I kept writing, got a bogus ticket, was sent to the box, and kicked out of honor black. Why would prison officials care about physics? They don’t care, don’t understand, can’t understand. Prison officials are recruited from the dregs of society, the lowest of the low, the people who just can’t find work anywhere else. Prison officials do not do not and can not understand even the simplest science, but they do understand one thing: Prisoners must not be allowed to do anything that draws attention to the cesspit of crime and corruption they live in. No prisoner can be allowed to obtain publicity, or worse yet, credibility. When I got out of the box, I kept writing. I had solved the biggest problems in physics, found the answers people are spending billions of dollars looking for, so I kept fighting for the truth. Going to the box had cost me my slave job, so I had to start over at the bottom again. Prisoners in New York haven’t had our wages adjusted since the 1970’s, so what was once slave wages is not just a joke, but that’s another story. Try finding money for stamps when you make three dollars per week. Prison officials continued to harass me, at one point stealing all of my mail. Of course, they deny it, but one day I abruptly stopped getting any mail at all, where I had been getting several letters per week. Am I supposed to believe that all of the people I was writing to all somehow decided to stop writing any letters that would arrive after a certain date? Stealing mail is particularly vicious crime when the victim is a prisoner. A free person can call or email, use a different mailbox, but a prisoner is helpless. He can’t even write to the Postal Inspector (who doesn’t investigate prison mail anyway- once the mail is delivered to the prison, the Post Office considers its job to be done). My next major trail came when I “threatened” to sue Angela Robert, Director of Instruction at the Salmon River School District. Teaching religion (disguised as science or not) in public schools is illegal, so I told her that I would take her to court if she didn’t stop. Her response was to retaliate, to have State officials throw me into a strip cell for five days without a single meal, then force me to meet with OMH under threat of more time in a strip cell, sexual abuse, beatings, and worse. Prison officials made it absolutely clear that if I sued anyone at all, or even tried to, I would be retaliated against. They even put this in writing. When I was sent to a different prison, Greene Correctional Facility, I filed a grievance asking for “retaliation – free access to the courts”. The answer was “Grievance Denied”, a clear threat, and this was reiterated when I appealed to Albany. If I try to challenge this in court, I’ll wind up right back in strip cell beaten, denied medical attention. The standard DOCCS trick is to beat an inmate bloody, then claim that he “beat himself up”, as they did with Rufus Woods on December 5, 2014. Nobody investigated what happened to him, or will when it happens to me. Despite all of the setbacks, I kept struggling. I wrote to OSI, but my letter was stolen, with a sergeant calling me out of my cell, claiming to be doing a “pre-investigation” for OSI on a sexual abuse complaint I have filed about a homosexual officer stalking me ( he was one of the officers who assaulted Rufus Woods at Clinton CF). I did manage to publish my scientific work on the Prisons foundation website, and kept on writing. I published “death Comix” about the crime and corruption at Greene CF. The prison officials hated me, and bided their time, then got me out of there with a Tier III Ticket. Two FBI agents came to question me on November 3, 2016 about a letter I had written to Homeland Security. Two DOCCS OSI agents ( one was senior investigator J. Nocera) were there as well. Who wasn’t there? My lawyer, or any lawyer, even though I had told the FBI in writing that I did not want to speak with them without a lawyer present. They questioned me anyway, then tried to kill me when I wouldn’t cooperate. By the end of the day, the whole prison knew not only that I had written to Homeland Security, but what was in the letter. This attempt to get me killed as a snitch failed only because I found out about it in time, and was able to start a counter-rumor that the feds were trying to get me killed because I wasn’t helping them. I filed an official Complaint with the Albany FBI office but that didn’t work. Instead of reporting my complaint to FBI-OPR, as required by law, someone intercepted it and sent a copy to Nocera, who had himself illegally interrogated me without counsel present. Nocera retaliated by writing me a Tier III Ticket, claiming that I had harassed someone by using obscene and abusive language (I had referred to the OSI agents as “dickheads”, which was true, and invited the FBI supervisor to go fuck himself). Nocera didn’t charge me with lying, didn’t deny violating my rights or trying to get me killed. He refused to say who exactly had sent him a copy of my letter. He did say the nobody had assigned him to investigate it. After all, how could someone assign him to investigate a Federal complaint about his own illegal behavior? Albany sent a special hearing officer, CHO Bracinni, to find me guilty and give me the maximum penalty, three months in the box. He also committed a Federal Felony. The law allows a hearing officer to block correspondence between a prisoner and a specific individual. Instead, Bracinni ordered me to have no contact with the entire FBI, including their internal affairs unit. He made his criminal intent clear when he told me, on the record, that I was not allowed to respond to any letters the FBI sent me, including any inquiries about FBI misconduct. This is clear obstruction of justice, using the threat of physical force (confinement) to prevent me from reporting a crime to federal officials. This illegal order was upheld by the Directors of Special Housing. I have spent six and a half years trying to find a single rational person on Earth, and failed. When I left Greene CF, in the box again, I was robbed of most of my books and letters and all of my food and stamps. I am doing something dangerous, telling the truth, challenging the status quo, threatening a multibillion dollar industry, opposing the official religion of the United States. Don’t tell me that physics isn’t a religion. If it was a science, somebody would have listened to me by now, instead of repeatedly trying to silence me. Fact: There is no such thing as a magnetic field. Belief in magnetic fields predates the discovery of electrons (1897) or protons (1919). Maxwell wrote his four fundamental equations at a time when everyone believed that electricity was a current in a neutral wire, when in fact it is the relative motion between electrons and protons. No physicist disputed this fact, yet all cling religiously to the belief that “a” current creates “a” magnetic field, a belief based on an obviously incorrect assumption. This is not science. So here I sit, still in prison, criminally blocked from appealing the tickets I got, mail still being read or stolen, hoping against hope that this gets published, still trying to find just one other rational person, still failing. I have no hope of ever making parole- I am far too dangerous. Not because I would commit crimes, but because I would expose them. R.J. Richter

Author: Richter, Robert

Author Location: New York

Date: July 16, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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