The murder of Trayvon Martin (haters, racists, and “whitified” African-Americans)

Harrison, David Scott



29 July, 2013 FOR PUBLICATION, BROADCAST AND DISTRIBUTION THE MURDER OF TRAYVON MARTIN (HATERS, RACISTS, AND "WH|TlF|ED" AFRICAN-AMERICANS) (c) David Scott Harrison Approximate Word Court, 925 Trayvon Martin, a seventeen years-old African-American, was walking in his neighborhood, a box of Skittles in one hand and an iced tea in the other. Trayvon was doing nothing wrong; his tragic circumstance that of being a young Black man caught in the crosshairs of a hater—racist out hunting for African—Americans. George Zimmerman did not carry Skittles or an iced tea. In his hand was lethal weaponry suited to his purpose ~— stopping African—Americans from, in his own words, "always getting away." Zimmerman was armed and fully in the hunt when his prey was first sighted. Law enforcement instructed Zimmerman not to pursue, approach or confront the youth. But Zimmerman had returned from his hunts empty-handed too many times before, and to abort this hunt would allow yet another African-American to get away. He would not allow that to happen. Not this time. This time would be different. Zimmerman willfully ignored the given instructions and continued the hunt, following Trayvon, stalking the youth, closer, closer, ice cold blood surging through his veins, foam at the edges of his mouth, aroused by the hunt. He was focused and determined; this one would not get away. Zimmerman closed in, confronted Trayvon, and then bagged his trophy. A gun permit and the perverse so-called "stand your ground law" provided all the license and alibi Zimmerman needed to hunt and murder Trayvon. It was a successful hunt. No need to travel to some far off continent, nor days or weeks of arduous tracking of his prey. Zimmerman had only waited until the next African-American was walking through his neighborhood. Excepting haters and racists, a corrupt prosecutor who stacked the deck and played her cards to assure an acquittal, and jurors who clearly had their own twisted beliefs and ill-agenda in support of Zimmerman's hunting of African-Americans -- to the rest of the world the murder of Trayvon was premeditated. HARRIS ON—2 Nonetheless, at the time of this writing, the outrage of the African-American community is already showing signs of dimming. Indeed, as written by Michael Scherer (Time magazine, "After Trayvon," July 25, 2013): "Hours later, when the pews had filled, the message was clear. America has been facing challenges like the Martin slaying for generations. Every few years, some instance of probable profiling, police overreaction or malice grabs national attention. A young black man dies or is brutally injured.... The names are written in history: Emmett Till, Usuf Hawkins, Rodney King, Amadou Diallo and now Trayvon Martin. Presidents comment; protesters fill the streets and, recently, send tweets. And then it all seems to go away." So it appears, again, that it will not take much longer for White America and "Whitified" African-Americans to convince outraged African-Americans to submit to discourse and national conversations about race. African-Americans are being urged to be calm and reasonable. Not to act rashly. Allow Whites and Whitifieds to debate the issue. Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, a leading Whitified among many, urges that "all Americans come together." Nutter offers that African-Americans trust in "open minds" and "open hearts" to overcome hatreds and racism (Just how "open" are the minds and hearts of those of Zimmerman's ilk?). Worse, and unacceptable, are Nutter's attempts to distract African-American outrage away from the omni—present oppression, injustices, and murders African-Americans suffer at the hands of Whites, by blaming Black-on—Black violence for all their sorrows. Terrible as Black-on-Black violence is, it is not to blame for Zimmerman's premeditated murder of young Trayvon. It was not Black—on—Black violence that felled Trayvon, nor anything remotely associated. Trayvon was murdered by an ordinary hater-racist supported by the White establishment, especially its legal machinery; people and government engines that believe in, promote, and protect the status quo of oppression and killing of African-Americans. It is disgusting and a blatant sell out for Nutter to wave about such a red herring. Faults on the part of the African-American community are of quite a different nature. For example, there may very well be some fault on the part of outraged African-Americans in directing their frustrations and bursts of anger at the wrong targets (e.g., looting and burning of the African-American community and adjoining locales; frustration and anger that could be directed elsewhere, with pinpoint accuracy to achieve specific and beneficial results). Secondly, outraged African-Americans should not, once again, allow themselves to be appeased, or stupefied, by Whitifieds who offer false hopes and delusional dreams of peace and love from haters and racists who, like Zimmerman, with their closed minds and hearts, murder African- Americans with impunity. Enough with discussions, conversations and debates as African- Americans are being openly and, apparently legally, hunted. African-Americans are sinking deeper, losing ground, and being taken backwards in time. It is time now to rise up, retake lost ground, and to live in the present. HARRIS ON—3 Having murdered Trayvon, we might wonder if Zimmerman’s only regret, if any, is that of being unable to yet brag to his fellow haters and racists of his hunting prowess. Nor can he yet gloat of his being acquitted of murder. He must wait, just a while longer, before he can brag and gloat. For now, he can only smirk to himself (and, in private, gaze at his trophy photos of TrayVon's dead body) knowing he is the one, this time, that got away. Let us not allow any more names to be added to the list. David Scott Harrisori/,9/L5‘ #E—626l2 San Quentin State Prison @ 5-N—7O San Quentin, CA 94974 (This writer can also be contacted at E——mails have to be printed and sent to me by snail——mail, thus incurring some delay in my ability to respond. Please visit my Web Site at

Author: Harrison, David Scott

Author Location: California

Date: October 21, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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