The myth behind life at SNY facilities

Cabantos, Lucio



"The Myth Behind Life At SNY Facilities" First of all a little bit about this humble writer: I am a Mexican National-Citizen. I was sentenced to life in 1996 and have been a legal slave ever since. Over 20 years ago, I passed through the San Quentin Reception Center (R/C). At that time, I was housed at Carson Section. There are no words to describe the chaos, violence, noise, dirt, corruption, racism, ignorance, and mentally ill people that I encountered. The only relief came at very late hours; when even mad men had to call it a night. Up to that point; I was deemed an unaffiliated slave (i.e not a prison gang member). This classification changed after my initial review at the SQ Committee hearing. After that hearing I was a member of the Security Threat Group knows as "Paisas" or "Border Brothers". That is it. Instead of asking me about my options to rehabilitate, educate, and perhaps learn how to play an instrument (i.e arts and crafts) or gain some type of culture. Due to my youth and inherited ignorance I wasn't aware the CDCr was actually actually setting me up as cannon fodder for life, under the orders of prison gangs (i.e I was shipped straight to the slaughter houses of High Desert and Salinas Valley; these are the true universities of crime). Fast forward (2016); on December of that year; I was sent (transferred out) of HDSP to SQ R/C and yes housed at the same section "Carson". [The SQ's sergeant alleged that my transfer was made in error; and that I will be returning to HDSP's ownership on the next bus]. The transfer was made in retaliation for my grievances paperwork, but it comes with the territory. One learns to accept that there will be a price to pay for challenging living conditions and pushing paperwork at the court system. It should not be like that; but I must keep going forward in honor of those that were killed in these slaughter houses. Anyway, the flashbacks that I had at "Carson" section were unavoidable. It gave me a first chair to notice CDCr's 'rehabilitation' over twenty years after the fact. The modus operandi remains the same; nothing has changed. CDCr is like the mad man doing and redoing the same action and sitting, waiting for different results. When everything in his homosapiens brain and God given soul is screaming at him: "You Stupid Animal; you don't learn from your mistakes. Your harvard certificates and annual ten billion dls bag are worthless in the hands of "people" not willing to evolve and find the roots of the problem." The new generation of slaves that I found in 2016, at Carson section were crazier, more mentally ill, more violent, more ignorant; and worse forming their new "SIGs" (i.e prison gangs). This situation depressed and saddened me. [ It reminded me of a thoughtful quote: "The Transcenders may be more prone to a kind of cosmic sadness...over the stupidity of people, their self defeat, their blindness their cruelty to each other; their short sightedness. Perhaps this comes from the contrast between what actually is and the ideal world the Transcenders can see, so easily, and so vividly, and which is in principle, so easily attainable" "Psychology with a Soul" by Jean Hardy ] Through deep observation; I came to realize three premises: I CDCr's objective or goal is to rack up as many bodies in each gulag, as humanly as possible. And it makes no secret about it" Title XV 3269 demands a double celling policy to be enforced, no matter what. If slaves have to die, be raped, be beaten; or psychologically harmed; the administration would say: "Yeah, that's prison." [I will tell them: 'No, you are wrong; you are getting a 10 billion dollars bag every damned year, to make sure that these people rehabilitate and become better citizens."] II A second CDCr's objective is to hold on to the lifers' population (over 30 thousand slaves) until they die. For this to be addressed a book is needed; but the administration has placed so many hurdles; so that lifers are turned down at their parole hearings at a rate of 97.9%. Thus, quite effectively creating a literally cash cow to milk for generations to come. III A third objective is to deny rehabilitation to those that are getting released; of course to keep appearances; the system has one prison; where, the slaves are given all kind of assistance to rehabilitate. The rest of us is chaos, violence, murders, riots etc. And their stupid excuse of "Oh! That's prison". So, to put things, into a different perspective: CDCr is actually releasing, those that will create more victims, and holding on (for dear life) to those that are known to almost never 'recidivate.'(i.e the life population.) I have digressed from the main topic of my essay; but this was necessary in order for the reader to make sense of the Sensitive Needs Yard ('SNY'). On November 2016; I made the decision to come and live among child molesters, rapers, snitches, child killers, gang drop outs, and mentally ill. Don't ask me, why; but a long time ago, a group of people decided that all of the above were not worth it to live at their slavery camps. So, they conspired to manipulate, intimidate, and force other inmates into hitting or killing the above individuals. It used to work; that inmates chosen to do the dirty work ("killings") went willingly to die for the cause. (i.e Sometimes, they were killed during the missions.) However, a new generation of slaves has been born: "the rebel kind" this kind of rebels actually refuse to follow the order to go and kill. (i.e clean up the slavery camp) In other words, they are not ready to die for a lost cause or to catch another life sentence over someone's grandpa twisted mentality of a cause. While it is true, that these individuals have in fact committed some of the most heinous acts against humanity. Let's not forget; that many of them were arrested, tried and convicted by a corrupt judicial system, (i.e some of them are actually innocent.) The lost cause killings is still being enforced at the so called "Active Yards"; when my name came up to do "My duty" and actually kill for the lost cause. I refused and nearly paid with my life. (i.e multiple stab wounds on my back; apparently that is how an active slave shows his courage; by backstabbing other slaves.) So; I have to make a decision: "Should I stay in an active yard and obey orders from arrogant, disrespectful, and manipulative slaves that are in positions of power to play God. Or should I call it quits and star life anew as a "SNY" slave. I actually overheard one of these leaders tell another slave: (Over a late payment on a drug bill: "Oh! I am not worried about it, you'll pay even with your ass. but, You'll pay." Now, are these the kind of generals worthy to go and die or kill for? My answer was "unequivocally" "NO". What my experience in an active yard tells me is that: i Gang leaders are as ignorant, as those poor devils; that I found at the SQ's R/C in 1996 and 2016. ii That this is the epitome of the blind leading the blind. iii That these gang leaders only care about power, money, and are mostly sociopaths; that refuse to change and be part of the solution. So, here, I am a rebel with a cause actually worthy to die for and for my family to feel proud of having my name and blood. A.- I accept nobody else's trip, dogmas, indoctrination, rules, orders, and acts of cowardly preplanned killings, hits, or great bodily injury committed against those; who are the weakest members of our society. B.- I am my own man; I accept no impositions; I came alone to prison, I'll leave alone. I'm in complete control of my destiny. I will let no slave dictate my program. And no man on this planet has a god give right to order me to kill another human being. If these principles born from the seeds of my blood splattered all over the prison yard, make me a coward, a P.C, a rat etc... So, be it. Those brother that yearn to be free from the gangs' chains around your necks. don't let no dogma or man come between you and your family. A far more worthy cause, is the fight for your freedom; than to be running around doing fools errands that are costing you, your life and freedom. Don't forget that the gang chains were put on our bodies at a young age; by people that were sadly ignorant of their true situation in this society. Thus, we owe no loyalty to a lost cause learned at 8, 10, or 12 years old. [We did not know any better!] For those, who like me were put the gang chains by policy of enforcing an underground objective of perpetual incarceration. There is hope: Just walk up to the nearest officer and tell him, that you have safety concerns. At debriefing; you don't have to tell (snitch), just tell them you don't want to play the gang game no more. And you don't know shit, because nobody never tells you anything. Simple, as that; of course they'll threaten to throw you back to the wolves; if you don't snitch. But, they will never do that. (Don't fall for it and become a tool of oppression of other slaves.) Today, I am paying with my life, over the acts committed, as a so called active prison gang member. It doesn't matter; that I was housed into this environment by design. There was and is a gang war going and on 24/7 in the active yards; how else was I supposed to survive amidst this chaos? This is the rehabilitation that I was offered and I embraced it. In the year 2014; the administration pundits told me: "Because, of the nature of your serious CDC 115s incident reports; you are to be considered a danger to free society, if released." The irony and hypocrisy of this flawed scientific finding did not escape my mind. There is absolutely no way; that the CDCr's administration did not know, that I would get involved in violent incidents. Not because, I wanted to engage in them; but, to preserve my life. For every year of my incarceration; the CDCr is pulling a $70,000 to 100,000.00 dollar check from the state budget. So, why would they provide the rehabilitation needed and risking losing me to my freedom? As for the myth, that there is as much violence in the SNY yards as in the active yards. Well, yes and no. The violence at the new SNY's yards is limited to those who by their own free will choose to get involved in it. In other words, if is not your biz, just watch the circus from afar, and enjoy the ride. The word mandatory does not exist in the SNY; unless, of course, you decide to be led by the blind. "When you cease to dream, you cease to live." By Malcolm Forbes July 17, 2017 By Lucio Cabañas

Author: Cabantos, Lucio

Author Location: California

Date: July 17, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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