The necropolis: The carceral state, judicial colonialism

Nadheeru-Islam, Abdur Bashir N.



The Necropolis: The Carceral State, Judicial Colonialism. By Abdur Bashir N. Nadheeru-Islam. I was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts. A District of Boston. I resided at a townhouse slash project, named Warren Gardens. I lived with my beloved Grandmother Alice Arthur, and 4 other children my also beloved cousins. I grew up in poverty. My overall neighborhood was poor. Most innercities across America have poekets of minority communities that are either relatively poor or deep in abjection. Due to residential segregation - my particular neighborhood .was relatively impoverished, filled with semighetto dwellers that took their fustrations out on eachother. The lack of a culturally sensitive educational system, and one that is quite uninspiring as well, helped maintain a neighborhood of endemic poverty, crime, drug and alcohol addiction, teenage pregnacy, single parent homes, and murder, that unquestionably destroys the hopes and dreams of many residents in my deprived neighborhood. The employment system is weak and unstable and also caters to the destruction and depravity of the neighborhood residents. At school and around my neighborhood I was constantly bullied. Intra-racial stereo-typical violence and hatred permeated my community. Pure savage boys, who are totally uncultured and uncultivated - in which means they wholly do not understand their purpose at life and how they should conduct their own individual lives - aspiring men with attainable goals and objectives. I know this because I was one of them. And hindsight is a good teacher. I suffered constant abuse. And, I witnessed constant abuse. As time progressed - if you did not grow toughskin you would be eaten alive - so you either join them or be preyed upon. 2 � I would like to move forward to the time in my life when I entered into the Massachusetts, penal system - Massachusetts, Department of Corrections. (CORRUPTIONS !) By this time I had murdered two young men. (May God have mercy on all of us !) Currently I am serving a second degree life sentence, with a concurrent sentnce 10-to-12 manslaughter. I must see the MA. Parole Board to be released. I have presently 3 consecutive 5 year setbacks. I emphatically admit I was completely ignorant, to my very own manhood, my role as a man, and my place as a citizen in my own community and society at large. This ignorance is a comprehensive policy of the American elites to maintain control over racial minority communities. Don't mistake me ! This is a designed policy to destroy racial minority communities and their very own white lowerclass members. By depriving the social environment you destroy human life - without question. I had become one of their finest creations, a savage man. One who would pull a trigger not only on his own racial group, but also on anyone else who would get in my way of acquiring illegal drugs and money. I was a fool purposefully devised for community destruction. So now I am in prison. So how do you break a wildhorse ? You beat that horse with gang brutality. I was brutally beaten by what society call 11 unnecessary brute force. 11 I was beaten to break me into the penal system. I was beaten so I would learn who to obey and who not to hurt. Them. And who to hurt - my fellow inmates. Or myself. They know you are going to suffer psychological and emotional pain and anguish because of your habitation in the general inhabitation of the penal environment. The psychological effects of the physically violent environment and especially the loss of Fam1�ly � t . 1n ere act1on and 3. other love ones and the amenities of life: the general Institutional Discrimination or controlled deprivation of the penal - life. Erving Goffman coined the term Total Institution. But it should be termed correctly - Totalitarian Police, slave, State Institution. The prison environment amounts to penal genocide steming from the societal genocidal poverty that permeates the racial community life. Don't mistake me ! this is genocide. The Necrpolis, the Carceral State. Raphael Lemkin who coined the phrase genocide determined that deprivation of the foundation of life itself - that is, that particular groups' institutions - mariage, family, personal security, human dignity, health and well being, economic security (in which is a life and death decision) and the very lives of those people amounts to racial, class national origin, religious sect, etc., direct murder of those groups. In the penal environment the deliberate deprivation continues: No Cojugal Visitations; No Higher Education; No comparable occupations to society and/or wages etc.; everything that promotes humanity is deprived in which promotes continued ignorance, fights, murder, sexual deviances, crime, and poverty and irresponsible dependency. In which destroys men and womens ability to be psychologically and materially independent. This is Judicial Colonialism, the Necropolis, the Carceral State, Genocide. So I am in prison. A penal slave under Social Death as in socity, deprivation of civil and human rights. Nonetheless, I had an epiphin.y. I was awakened. I had two elder Black gentlemen that guided me to the absolute truth. By the great power and blessed will ~ f God. These men were cultured and had been properly cultivated. And I am proud to say they cultivated me. I grew to understand the racist and classist genocidal 4. oprression that of Institutional degradation that undoubtedly generates personal degradation. Dr. James Gilligan call� s Structutal Violence. And Dr William Ryan calls Exceptionalism. So I became Muslim and became a spiritual being. A divine servant of God. I seen the injustices that plagues us prisoners and filed lawsuits to address these injustices. So I was illegally segre-gated. Locked in Solitary Confinement - segregation. Segregation is one of the most concentrated and intensified forms capitalist totalitarian deprivation and fascist social control. It is literally murder in a cell. They - jailers, can turnoff your water never come and feed you, and you can literally starve to death. I was starved personally so I know first hand. Further, I was treated like a Prisoner of War - POW. I was oppressed with aversive non-verbal and verbal communications: Banging; paralanguage; emblems; adaptors; body language, etc. Homosexual gestures was their main mistreatment tools. Even the so-called inmates joined in. One time the whole tier was imfumigated with masturbation and gay verbage. This stems out of POW torture and inhuman punishment and also because I refused heterosexual sex. Many whitemales are rapist. Their sexist chauvinism stems from the idea that heterosexual sex protects from homo-sex, homo-violence and homo-internal feelin!, and desires. That's why the majority of whitemales armies have brutally raped women like for example Vietnam, BOsnia and Croatia, Okinawa and todays U.S. forces rape lO,OOOs of their own female personal annually. This rape especially in prison across America happens because the predominate whitemale sexual culture inculcates racial societies, 5. where the true nature of man and the true nature of man's protection from homo-feelings and violence is not fully understood in which promotes sexual depavity and perverted acts. Such penal rape. The true nature of man and woman is spiritual. Spirituality, its' deep sincere religious practices protects men and women from sexual indiscretions" �.. love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and with all thy soul �.. " gives us a barrier and a security against abnormal mental images, passions and desires and feelings that can enslave us and decieve us from our true straight, connubial, heterosexual natures. Non-vi~lent natures. Military persons pride themselves for not being mind slaves ~ brainwashable, but are slaves to their own animal instincts and abnormal passions. Hence, be~ ause I refuse to allow the Devil to dictate my animal instincts and conscouis behavinr I am thus subjected to not only POW torture but to sexual harassment because of my refusal ~ to have sexual illicit relations with female staff members. First, sex and vio1ence is the tools of prison staff powers' over prisoner populations. This confuses the true nature of the issues confronted to prisoners - the issues of not being a criminal/convict/inmate. Then the proper establishment of marriage and family. The most important institutions of civilized human existence: to put men back into the homes be~ ing responsible providers, loyal husbands and loving fathers. So I refuse to accept sexual domination and thus degrade God's legislation on family and marriage to beloved womenl eventhough they are committed to degrade themselves and destroy the very institutions created for them and by them. I am not Westernized. This is my true penal experience - the untold story. This is a major part of the Necropolis, the Carceral 6. State, Judicial Colonialism. Judicial Colonialism stems from Domestic Colonialism or what professor Michelle Alexander calls the New Jim Crow. Colonialism is the superstructure of the militarized, Police, Slave Satate. It is the direct and indirect subordination suboreination of a race or class - politically, socially,, economically, and psychologically. Expained by Malcom X, Huey P. Newton~ Herbert Cruse and Prof. Robert L. Allen, and Franz Fanon1 You see, political power is the absolute key to end societal oppression. Power is the enforcement by the legitimate State of your will or value over tyhewill and value of those in opposition. The elites know this completely and continue to impose their will and confuse our thinking by creating false political troubles. ~e must take the power from them. Comprehensivelly and completely. We must dismantle c;lass privilege, impose environmentla limitations on econmic growth, nationalize major industries, the mixed Capitalism market~oriented policy, we must establish racial and class equality and equality among men and women, and set-up new Federal and State Constitutions with a Parlimintary governmental system: In which is a multi-party system like Europe's Social Democracies. Such as Family Allowances for every working family - poor, working class or middle; Land ~e-Allocation where taxes ge directly to the people as collective owners; Cooperatives for every major industries - worker run and owned with of course shared-profits; Free-Healthcare, childcare and education; and undoubtedly the revolutionization of the Criminal Justice System - control over police discretion, fines and criminal punishments au~omatically imposed for officers who brutalize or murder citizens and no racial profiling; procedures over Prosecutorial Discretion� , 7. control over Judicial Misconduct and Judicial Discrestion; and the American Penal Sysyt~m must be completely revamped similar to swedens' Ministy oft Justice: no cells - rooms; conjugal visitations; societal occupations and comparabel wages; higher education; and voting; and better realistci de-criminalization programming with material rewards and privileges for positive behaviors; and no Death Penalties; no Life Sentences; with a dual parole monitor system; total Rehabilitation vs. Archaic Draconian Punishment, Retribution and Revenge. We must break the wildhorses ! We must become the wildhorse breaiers ! Additi~ nally I must add this important point. Not only does the Necropolis, Carceral State must come to an abrupt end - the on-going architectural present building designs of our residents and businessess must be structurally improves. With the rise of Mega-Sborms we must create Mega-Structures to meet the destructive power and depletion of world envirnment. Until Climate Change is stabilized we must create super-&trong structures, with self-sustainable eco-systems. Or we humans will not need to change the Necropolis because we will all be dead.

Author: Nadheeru-Islam, Abdur Bashir N.

Author Location: Massachusetts

Date: September 16, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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