The need and importance of unity

Brown, Rahasheem



The Need and Importance of Unity It is said that: "United we stand; divided we fall". It is also said that: "Two heads are better than one". Where those two heads are focused on one common cause or goal, no statement can be more true. Except, of course, billions of heads are better than one, or "the more heads, the better". Social means to advocate a groupe of men (or women) or a society of men for one common cause. Social is the root-word of the word socialize, which means to communicate. Common is the root word of the words community, communication and communion; all of which possess a suffix preceded by "uni" which is the prefix of the word unity. All of the above words, prefix & suffix find their roots in Latin Linguistics. The prefix "uni", in English, means: one. In Latin, ūnus means: one; "uni" being its English derivative. The prefix "com" also comes from the Latin and means: Together; jointly. In Latin, "com" means: with. Social, again, derived from the Latin: "socius", which means: [com]panion (companion). Another word, which is both important & applicable here, is as [soci]ate (associate), which means: To join or connect in relationship; or in the mind or imagination. <Latin "associа̄re", which means; to join to. [The American Heritage Dictionary, Office Edition]. Societies of the past have been divided and subdivided by Language, Religion, Creed, Culture, Local, Color and etc. For example; look at how both Muslim & Christian religions have different sects who advocate, for the most part, the same dogmas as do they; but that proclaim to be something, all together, different, thus, due to the differences in culture and/or way of practice of these same doctrine. Language, the biggest divider of people, divides the people for self-evident reasons; the lack of the ability to communicate. Without a translator, it is next to impossible to come together with someone who does not speak a language you understand or speak. Divide means: to separate or become separated into parts, sections or groups. It also means: to set at odds; disunite. This word also derived from the Latin "dīvidere", which means the same as its English derivative. [The American Heritage Dictionary, Office Edition]. "There is strength in numbers". Hence, "The more heads, the better"."Knowledge is power ", so when you have many minds working toward one common cause and/or goal, you can reach that goal, if it possible to reach, more efficiently & effectively than you would be able to with just one mind. The same is true in regard to any united movement or front. The economy (especially where tax expenditures are concerned), the military, police forces, The United Nations, G-8 and etc., are founded upon these same truths. "there is strength in numbers" and so on & so forth. War, poverty, lack of needed resources and the destructive derivatives of these are caused by division. A perfect example of this is; a family of 10 who fail to pool their resources together to buy a home, and instead, due to a mentality of individualism, wind up renting shelter for the rest of their lives. Rent, being an expense, may be late one month; and a hasty decision may lead to a robbery or drugs being sold (this is not, in any way, to justify this type of negative activity, but rather, it is to say that one negative way of thinking breads yet another negative action). If I am separated from or at odds with my (9) nine other family members, I would not go to them for assistance when my rent is behind; especially when their rent is probably behind for possessing the same mentality that got me into my situation. Drugs & robbery further divide the people in many ways. A nation is an organized society and must be united, in a unified front, in order to exist. This doesn't mean that the people, within that society, must agree upon every law or system that is in place to bring about order. What it means, is that the people who live in that society must be willing to aid in designing a system that works, and then support that systems operation as one force. In order to do this, there must be a common understanding. This will require communication and the ability to communicate with others within that society. It also requires respect for others within your society. This means that there must be a mutual advocacy that is transcendent of that founded upon religion, culture, local and etc. Absent these basic necessities, you will have turmoil within your community; which threatens the very fabric of communion. Confusion brings about division and hinders ones ability to communicate. The more people that a community loses to confusion and turmoil, the weaker the fabric of that society becomes. Divided a nation falls, so unity is of the utter-most importance to any unified body or movement. Peace is when all components within a structure are able to co-exist in harmony with one another, enabling that structure to function effectively and without faults or discourse. In a society of people, this would mean that the mentality of the people must be united. Association, therefore, is a must. A sense of togetherness is at the foundation of all social structures; so this connection in mind is at the core of the relationship between the people within that society. Wherefore, unity in the mind of the people is the only way to design, build and maintain a society of men and/or women. Unity breeds unity! Continuity of unity will guarantee the continuity of any social structure and visa-versa. Unity is important and very much needed in todays society. Rahasheem Brown Green Haven Correctional Facility P.O. Box 4000 Stormville, New York 12582

Author: Brown, Rahasheem

Author Location: New York

Date: October 24, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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