The new era of correctional oppressive officers

Morocco-Bey, Phoenix



The New Era of Correctional Oppressive Officers by Phoenix Morocco-Bey When I started my bid in 1997, I could easily count on one hand, the number of Immigrant African correctional officers, that worked at the prison I was housed. And I truly don't remember ever seeing any of them as women. Today, the prisons I've stayed, are filled with them. Actually, Immigrant African officers appear to double the number of black American officers. Nevertheless, one would think these immigrant Africans would at least be, empathetic to America's systematic annihilation of the black man & woman. Hopefully sympathetic to the destruction of the black family unit, of those who's blood ethnically is connected to their own home land. If one were to think that, he or she would be absolutely wrong. In my experience, there seems to be an almost unified belief among immigrant African correctional officers, that they are not us, nor are we of them. No shape, form or fashion do a majority of them relate to the struggles & trappings these united states orchestrate, to demise the life energy of people of color and poor white americans. Most of the immigrant african women officers, turn their nose up at us. The men look down on us. Proclaiming that we deserve everything bad, filthy & unjust that was handed to us by the so-called court system. These immigrant ([arf?]) african correctional oppressors talk to incarcerated citizens like we're scum of the earth. Some went as far to say they're glad black men are locked up, so they can easily invade our homes & impregnate black women. I even heard an immigrant african correctional oppressor tell another convict, to stop calling himself African-American. He vehemently said the convict was a black ni#@a & not an african. I have never, in my 22 years of incarceration, experience the mental, physical, emotional oppression by white correctional officers, the way I have with immigrant african C.O.S. Even the immigrants of african descent who work in the medical department, expresses an accumulated hatred towards men they see as black. I can recall an immigrant african correctional oppressor, telling a convict that he wish he was in his home (con) country, where he could kill the convict without worry of prosecution. Immigrant african C.O.S., most of them that I met, are overly proudful, arrogant, self-centered, chauvinistic & extremely deceitful. They have done things, such as lied on convicts, even other non-immigrant african C.O's & wrote infractions to prevent or prolong a convicts release date out of spite. What I'm writing is an untold truth that needed to be known to the public. It's also a reason I want to create a podcast to deliver this truth, upon my release. In my fight for liberation, I would have never been lead to believe, someone of african descent, could be oppressive to an american who spirit is of kindred african spirit. I shouldn't be that naive. If history is correct, africans did play a major oppressive role in other africans being enslaved. Today, the souls of the enslavers live & breathe in the new era of correctional oppressive officers who now oversee our enslavement. When will the oppression ever end?

Author: Morocco-Bey, Phoenix

Author Location: Maryland

Date: August 16, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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