The offensive offending truth: A concise opuscule

Patterson, Ennis R.



The Offensive Offending Truth a concise opuscule November 25th, 2019 by: Ennis R. Patterson In the face of lies and fabrications, one whom have been wrongfully convicted ought not stand idle, but rather he/she should attack aggressively all aspects of the judicial system that is related to their case. This offensive should be smart, stalwart, and rapid. Naturally the accused are on the defensive during court proceedings; and while one should absolutely defend his or herself when being accused, it becomes a different type of game when one is accused falsely. Imagine someone being accused of crimes they didn't commit. Imagine that person being interviewed by detectives and conveying nothing but the truth in the matter of those questions. Then imagine state prosecutors twisting the words of the interview so 'facts' can be presented in court to support psuedelogical theories of immoral attorneys whose primary concern is numbers. Should not such instances compel the accused to go on the offensive in proving their innocence and/or exposing corruption? Imprisonment for any amount of time for those whom are absolutely innocent should galvanize them to attack the criminal justice system fiercely. This is what I've done and will continue to do. There are some persons of criminal justice authority whom are made upset when truth is told by the ones they are attempting to make out to be despicable. However, if particular persons of authority know their case against the accused is solid, they would welcome accusations of insidiousness of the system as those accusations should prompt a prosecutor or other authority of the system to be gung ho in proving the system is without question fair and balanced. Instead, anger is stirred by 1 this truth that the accused insist, and the ones whom have lied to achieve conviction have the temerity to be offended. As a result, in their irrationalities, the ones whom have lied may, and often do, violate further. In my case, the lies and chicanery became more numerous with all advancements and/or aspects of my judicial endeavors, including my federal habeas corpus proceedings (case no. 1:18-cv-2096/Patterson v. Warden Gray) in which the state, attempting to set their own narratives, fabricated happenings. I will continue in my truth telling. I will continue in exposing. If anyone is offended by my tactics, I'm not sorry. 2

Author: Patterson, Ennis R.

Author Location: Ohio

Date: November 25, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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