The pain behind a womens eyes

Torres, Eduardo



The pain behind a womens eyes 2-14-20 Females, are rather distinguished from males their features are promoted to be more prominent, their lifestyle is rather influenced, and their mind is more reflective and prominent in their lifestyle. Therefore we have much to learn from females, where there is pollution of one kind we learn to compare to the unpolluted kind. I always thought women were hard to understand, they seem to play games and toy with people and have secrets. I had a mental break down, a mental breakdown of the constitutes of unpleasant truths, namely the truth surrounding mental illness. Mental illness is hard to describe without actually submissing to the probability you will sound crazy, but if you gardner it right you break barriers to studies of mysticism and the occult. Mental illness makes the world go round it is the biggest background that defines skill and magical principles that underline life. Females are notorious to make decitions to use people, climb a latter of success that comes with a cold heart, and strong desires or emotions. Women think alot and this brings them closer to the snares that envelope society, which are probably the reason behind the development of society, to win even it takes your innocence good will and means you now are running with the devil. Ignorance us called a bliss because it shelters you only until you lose your innocence and the world becomes scary and it turns on you at the age of 18, the number that dictates your life according to the mystic developments of civilization. Ignorance is infinite and so is its counterpart revelation its fundamentally aspect of every life and the mystical life on earth. Females there for suffer the extremes, because they are chosen to carry out the pain that keeps the world on its axis. They suffer much more than a man in the pursuit of innocence because of the pure exponential difference in the numbers of innocent people us the defiled females that fall under the pressure to choose evil over good, the latter is more prevalent. The difference may mean more body physical development, or a nicer life but the difference is in favor of the good who is always noticed yet not always mentioned, and who is able to willingly accept the out comes of their life in the long run happily. So chose to preserve your innocence so you dont make the mistake to live a life of something that wasnt made for you. Fight for your inner freedom, Amen. MCSP -ET Eduardo Torres

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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