The perception of confinement

Porée-Daniels, Tre'Lanzo A. L., Sr.



The Perception of Confinement From Outside the box Pt. 1 Motivation for Peace Press Association My name is Tre' Lanzo Anthony Poree-Daniels. I haven't wrote and really feel like I am not serving my purpose because I have not wrote an [artical article] in [an while awhile] now. So for those who liked the first one I apologize for my written neglection. Please forgive me (prison can become burdensome). Enjoy. Many people in the free world build thire perception based on anti-freedom and pro-prison beliefs, in some fasion. Yes I'm pro-prison because I am among many that belive or know that justice has to be served for those one has wronged, and if we didn't have a system such as this one everything will be much worse. Such people have thire right to be pro-prison, pro incarceration and anti-freedom. Ay, go ahead because you have all 'rights' to do so. It's called freedom of speech. Indifference, the problem is when you start advocating that belief, it's only a belief. When you come to visit these prisons try to visit with the mentality by thinking how can I contribute to this society? What sources and networks that I socially need to establish to assure these men upon release that they can achieve success in the future? Being that once you sit in on self help groups in the facility while in the prison around murderers, thieves and every other type of crime, you will hear and have insight on how remorseful these men really are. Some of these men been in prison for 25 to 40 years and they have college degrees and a lot of them are leading facilitators and mentors in groups and to the youth. Fighting every day they wake up devoting themselves to REHABILITATION and helping the youth make drastic decisions pertaining to the positive progress toward thire future in society. This society I call penitentiary (prison) is changing and I pray that all lifers that is about progress, respect for -1- human, man, or mankind as a whole, including devoting all thire time every day to change the mentality of the youth for a better future; get out of prison. As I sit ready to integrate back into the free society in 10 months after serving 7 years straight now, I've spent this whole time working on my behaviors and emotions, including now as an member of the Nations of Gods and Earths for 3 yrs now. To study and look, listen and observe through knowledge of self that I.Self.Lord.And.Master (I.S.L.A.M.) meaning I know who I am and understand my purpose in life. Being that I am the sole controller of my destiny, I am no longer uncivilized but civilized and now civilizer to myself and all nations around me. As another way to look at it I am God by nature and the manifestation of knowledge, and being this I no longer allow negativity to out way out my positive energy. Thus I born completion in all ways and actions by having control over my body, spirit and mind. Prison has changed my life and now I live to help liberate mentally those I once helped be an uncivilized person in many ways in society. Peace. "Once you doubt those that can change, you can realize that you're the one who can help. Become the SOLUTION not the JUDGE." By: Tre'Lanzo Anthony Lee Poree Daniels Mule Creek State Prison

Author: Porée-Daniels, Tre'Lanzo A. L., Sr.

Author Location: California

Date: November 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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