The poetic history story puzzle about the incarcerated mind of the blackman

Johnson, Wayne P.



PEEP GAME PRODUCTIONS BLOODLINE PRESENTS THE POETIC HISTORY STORY PUZZLE ABOUT THE INCARCERATED MIND OF THE BLACKMAN WRITTEN BY: WAYNE P. JOHNSON The history of the incarcerated mind of the black man needs to seek a change because it's too caught up in the street game. and the human warehouses all across the planet are over crowded because of the crimes in the streets and their building more human warehouses as we speak so please listen up as I began to put the puzzle of the incarcerated mind of the black man's history together so that we all can began to seek a change in some of this racial weather because I have heard in the air that the black man did this and the black man did that and some of it may be facts because a lot of black men are incarcerated because of crack but I say that the black man can over come if he seek to free his own-mind and stop taking advantage of his very own kind because black on black crime has truly reached its peak when ever one brother decides to kill another because he lives on the other side of the street and now my advice to that incarcerated brother and another is to try not to get caught up in the jail house hype that say you got knock a brother off because he owe you a pack of cookies or a kite so now lets take a look at the strugglin' black mother who is already suffering and crying from a lonely broken heart that has been caring generations of pain and you trying to tell her you wouldn't have killed her son if he wasn’t in the game. (1) and these are just a few of the shameful examples about the incarceration of the black man's mind that has been trapped and infected every since slavery time, and because of the misdirection of frustration that has caused poor communication in family situations where most black men are not participating because their harvesting a whole lot of hatin‘ that has been passed down through generations and this is what I have found in my investigation so I'm asking the Black man who’s mind is incarcerated today to please seek a change so that your children's children can start to win in the future games and please don’t think that I’m trying to pull the black man down because most of this started when the white man came around and decided to put the black man in chains because back in the day slavery was the game and it was ran by some of America's best and some of their greats and that’s why until this very day their kids don’t want you to get a piece of the cake and that’s probably why most black people never received their 40 acres and a mule. so maybe that’s why so many black people are incarcerated and runnin’ around so confused because the black man come from generations of parents with no education because if they got caught reading a book the white man would knock them off with no hesitation and you wasn't allowed to use the same rest room and you had to go around through the back door if you wanted to eat because if you came in the front door they might be pickin’ your body up out of the street because there was a whole lot of racial rules that you had to obey by, so maybe that's why the black man started gettin' high (2) Because it was so much pain and confusion back then but you still had some white people who was your friend but they couldn’t show that they cared in the light because them and the other white people would get into a fight but some white people would still help you in the dark and I believe that’s how the underground rail road really got a kick start so now please put the crayons to the side and allow me to put you down with this wickedness that comes from within so that you will be able to recognize your neighbor to see if they really are a friend Because the underground rail road was also about a connect not just the color of one’s skin or a pay check because your own kind might also sell you out and that’s something that miss Harriett Tubman was also worried about because back in the day you also had some white people that was down and they would help some of the black people move around but you also had some uncle Tom’s who would say, "Massa the brother and sisters are speakin’ in a different tone and I can’t understand right now but sooner or later I’m gonna catch on” So you see it ain’t always about the crayons all the time but it is about if a person has good intent in their mind So wade in the water children until I tell you the coast is clear and then X could put you down with the underground railroad that takes you from here to there So that the nest generation of our kids won’t look back and tortured from the racial rain instead they will want to look forward and start to seek a change because even though the black man today has come far but not far enough (3) But yet still I say it’s better to forgive, even though you can’t forget about what was done to us So I say if you free your mind and keep you head to the sky, "BLACK MAN” there ain’t nothin’ that you can’t do so please take heed from your black leaders that stood up for you like former President Barack Obama, plus Richard Allan and Dr. Martin Luther King, and also Brother Malcolm X, because he also had a dream, that by any means necessary a black man should do what ever it takes And my message today to the black man is to keep the faith! (4)

Author: Johnson, Wayne P.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: June 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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