The price of active pursuit of justice and human dignity is high

Cherry, Danny W.



Danny Cherry Perdleton Correctional Facility 4490 West Reformatory Road Pendleton, IN 46064 July 8, 2020 Dear Editors, The price of active pursuit of justice and human dignity is high: The same 'enormously black offender' that almost killed me in my cell June 19, 2020 when Officer Harper unsecured my door for him, split my head open with a sock full of combination locks today. When I returned from the law library, there were a great multitude of offenders - under the influence of alcohol and drug - loitering all over the cellhouse. The lieutenant and the sergeant were right in front of the entrance to F-side where I live. I passed them, then ascended the first flight of stairs, navigating through the hordes, turned right and was blind-sided. When I looked up, I saw the black fiend from June 19, 2020. He began striking me with the weapon he had made - I just lay there and cried out, "nonviolence, nonviolence..." as my blood splattered everywhere. I need stitches, but medical, or more correctly the doctor said: "You didn't need them." I can put my finger inside the hole in my head. Internal Affairs investigators - those vile insects ordered both of the attacks because I told them 'I know ya'll are bringing all of the illegal drugs... There is a forty-foot-plus fortified razor-wire trimmed wall surrounding this facility and no member of the race of Homo Sapiens has developed the ability to phase through solid matter... "La Raza" moves around this facility and cell house like they have keys... The Aryans, Moors and Muslims have illegal drugs catered to their racial communities... I won't rest until all you vile insects are drug out by Federal agents under Federal indictment... etcetera, etcetera. I think I have a concussion - Did I spell that shit right? If I die from my injuries, or am killed, always remember that I tried to be a good man. Everything is blurry! Danny Cherry

Author: Cherry, Danny W.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: July 8, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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