The prison diet

Harkleroad, James



The Prison Diet by James W. Harkleroad Of the numerous diets one can use in the quest to lose weight the Prison Diet has been ignored. Yet, this diet is designed to be nutritional, varied, and as cheap as possible. To begin with obtain a copy of the meal menu from the Department of Corrections. In Florida this is a four week menu which describes what will be served when and in what quantities. Following this menu also has the advantage of helping you to save money through bulk purchasing. At least one (1) serving at each meal will be less than that called for by the menu. For example: instead of one (1) cup of beans make it a half-to-three quarters cup. Instead of three (3) ounces of cheese, serve only one (1) or (2) ounces, or two (2) tablespoons of grated cheese. Instead of two (2) ounces of ketchup and mustard serve only one (1) ounce of each, or serve only one (1) of them, not both. This practice came about because the kitchen has to compensate for what gets stolen. Last, but not least, give yourself only five (5) minutes, from the time that you sit down, to finish your meal. (Sometimes you have less, depending upon who is working and what institution you are residing in.) Whatever you have not eaten is to be thrown away. And if you do not choke at least once during the meal you are not eating fast enough. If the above is not strict enough for you check out Florida's "Religious (Kosher) Diet" menu. A seven (7) day menu designed to be boring. However, the most boring diet is the one (1) day menu used at Passover. The same three (3) meals for each day. The author is a former death row prisoner who has been incarcerated in Florida since 1971.

Author: Harkleroad, James

Author Location: Florida

Date: June 26, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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