The prison system is not helping people

Greer, Eugene



The prison system is not helping people. No set up program's, no jobs. Even while your in prison there are no program's on bettering a prisoner.. Most times prisoner's come back after being out a short period of time. The real truth of the matter is we are a dieing race mainly blacks.. As a race it's never going to get better being a blackman.. Violence has destroyed many of our people. The gangs and self righteousness is a result of people who just don't care...Prison are built to make money nothing else. Each state has dozen's of prison. Every state have over ten prison. Locking people up and throwing away the key.. I met some gifted people in prison. But what is a gift if you never get to use it? Like myself Im a writer. Ive wrote a book called No Way Butt Under you can download it at for free just look for my name Eugene Greer. I'm a writer that's looking to be publish.. To the many prisoners that's looking to get a better start at a new life. A prison will not teach you anything that you can use in the free world. Hard work and reading books that's how you better yourself...Another bad thing is the rampant violence- black on black violence is something that need's to be help. I see black people every day and there is no show of love or care in there face. A look of bad understand and lack of knowledge show's. Doctor King had a dream. Now that very dream is still a dream nothin changes with the fellow blackman..heck even blackwomen dont respect blackmen. The real truth needs to be out..

Author: Greer, Eugene

Author Location: Georgia

Date: 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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