The queer language-bender binding purgatory

Cherry, Danny W.



The Queer Language-Bender Binding Purgatory by Danny Cherry pg. 1 The Queer Language-Bender Binding Purgatory by Danny Cherry pg. 1 I had recently been sending correspondences to various secretaries - of Education, of Health and Human Services, of Defense - in Washington informing them of the I.D.O.C's atrocities. I also elected to notify multiple environmental, and infectious disease specialists, mostly in the state of Indiana, about the prison's living conditions, lack of proper sanitation practices, and about the spread of HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C - sexual promiscuity was omnipresent among closeted, queer-bashing homosexuals at Pendleton. To have said: "I described everything in graphic detail," would have been an understatement. Too much sick shit was happening at Pendleton for my "Mr. Hyde" to stay submerged; I went to sleep Danny, but always woke up "Edward." The emergency count on January 16, 2020 for the offender I only knew as "Tadpole" did not come as a shock to any offenders in H-cellhouse - he was found in Offender Stone's cell having sex. They both were taken away in handcuffs, but Offender Stone was allowed to return, though he had The Queer Language-Bender Binding Purgatory by Danny Cherry pg. 2 been caught many times before by officers and prisoners, "...fucking white boys...;" His thirst for them could not be quenched; Stone was insatiable. It was truly appalling how Stone's masculinity always absolved him from his rabid homosexuality; His feminine victims never shared that luxury; I felt like I was living in the town of "Derry", and every knuckle-dragging alpha male was "It". Offender Stone and the rest of A-side of H-cellhouse's closeted homosexuals - ranges 1, 3, and 5 - had spent the better part of the day queer-bashing. All I had heard, since the day had begun four hours earlier, was, "...faggots...faggots...faggots." I surrendered myself to the higher power - Diva bitch became me. "The only faggots here, are the niggas creeping around in the darkness, chasing boi pussy and shots of head; you know, like you niggas I'm still holding water for; who came to my cell at one, two; three in da fuckin' morning tryin' to holla, but got shut all da The Queer Language-Bender Binding Purgatory by Danny Cherry pg. 3 way down! Now the kids, you know the children Beyonce said, "...snap fo'..." the fabulous gay fashion designers rappers Jay-Z and Migos titled songs after; Yes - queer men designing haute couture; gay men styling supermodels' hair for Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, New York; Fierce gay men painting celebrities' faces on the sets of Blockbuster films; shit, we even teach elite models how to work the runways of the rest of our family. The children run the world; everyone else just lives in it! Know your place rodents." The ranges had gone dead silent; I had read those tired butch-queens for blood. I snapped my fingers, as I sat down on my mat; That was one for the girls; and she had arrived.

Author: Cherry, Danny W.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: February 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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