The R.T.P.PC.SA.P&H saga

Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.



THE R.T.P.PC.SA.B&H. SAGA FIRST, R.T.P. is suppose to be a Residential Treatment Program (RTP) for the Mentally Ill. Instead, it has multiple components. For example, it host numerous types of prisoners, most of who are not mentally ill only pretending to be for the salaciousness of their own selfish desires. THE acronyms I have attached to R.T.P. are some of the components RTP host. For example, the first acronym "PC", stands for Protective Custody, followed by “SA” for Substance Abuse, and “P&H” partners as Paroles & Homosexuality (R.T.P.)(PC.SA.P&H - Emphasis Added). Collectively, all are a part of the MDOC's Residential Treatment Program (RTP) and it is amazing, therefore, let's begin right at the beginning. MORE descriptively, RTP was designed to assist mentally ill prisoners with their mental health problems and in a sense it does, however, it is not even close to being a therapeutic environment. For example, RTP is mostly ran by corrections officers who, for the most part, are not properly trained in the mental health field and the "real" mental health staff, although they perform the task, have so greatly adopted the attitudes, behaviors, characteristics, and personality of corrections that it further denies the mentally ill of an authentic therapeutic environment. In other words, most MDOC "CLIP ON" agencies, such as health care and mental health, are more concerned with custody and other MDOC related matters rather than with the professionalism of their own occupation. Therefore, we have a mess (THE MDOC KNOWS THIS). "PC" exist because prisoners who have crimes that are very unpopular and other general population problems, uses RTP as a means of escape. RTP is a refuge where inmates can come and live the comfortable life free of harassment. However, those who are using RTP for "PC", protective custody purposes, somehow end up placing an "S" on their chest and suddenly become the very thing they are running from in general population. Disastrous (THE MDOC KNOWS THIS). BUT satisfyingly, RTP is heaven to the substance abuser, thus the "SA" acronym. RTP is loaded with substance abusers who sell their own mental health medications for various reasons, however, they also buy mental health medications. Prisoners must and want to be “HIGH”. Additionally, they buy and sell other drugs. Matter of fact, for the love of drugs and money numerous inappropriate actions have taken place, such as, hidden fights in the prisoners bathrooms and prisoners “locking-up” for further protection. Undoubtedly, there are probably more drug related incidents in RTP than in all other units combined (THE MDOC KNOWS THIS). FINALLY, the "P&H", which stands for Paroles and Homosexuality, also play a significant part, for example, prisoners have discovered that RTP has a 'high' Parole Rate, therefore, staying in and/or getting into RTP is imperative. Erotically, there is a lot of boy on boy sex in RTP and some prisoners love this and I mean love. This is another reason to want to stay and/or get into it. Indeed, there are more couples and sexual relationships in RTP, alone, than in any other facility I have ever been a resident in and I have been a resident in more than a dozen. With that said, society and women, you better watch out (THE MDOC KNOWS THIS). IN closing, is RTP a mental health agency/treatment program? Imagine all of this happening in one building. Matter of fact, RTP is so well compacted with the things prisoners WANT that they will go through great lengths to stay. For example, attempting suicide and/or saying the right things. Prisoners know what to say and do to stay in RTP and for the most part, it works. Emphatically, prisoners are something else, however, trailing right behind them are MDOC staff along with their "CLIP-ON" agencies, which of course are not much better than prisoners themselves though together they make up a great and costly team all at the expense of Michigan tax payers. But trust me, more disturbing news exist outside of the R.T.P.PC.SA.P&H saga and I have empirical evidence to support it" (THE MDOC DOES NOT KNOW THIS, YET). With About As Much Concern About This As You Have, "Me" or With The "M" Turned Upside Down, "We".

Author: Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: July 9, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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