The real meaning of snitch

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Willie Worley Jr. The Real Meaning of Snitch Throughout the years the use of this word has undergone some alterations that fits an individuals situation. Snitch is a word that has cost many individuals their lives. I first realized the misuse of the word while watching the movie “American Gangster”. When Frank Lucas, played by actor Denzel Washington was called a snitch because he incriminated the police into his criminal activities. A snitch is someone who is disloyal to a person, a group, a organization or an agency that they are committed to. For example if a police tale of an unlawful act on another police, he snitched on his co-worker. If a criminal tale on another criminal to cause him to be incarcerated he is a snitch. If a construction worker tale that another construction worker stole work tools, then he himself to is a snitch. Do you think that when a police bust a civilian other police say that he snitched on the civilian? I don’t think so. He would sound ridiculous. See the picture now? If not, just stick to going to the movies with those who share your opinion, and please stay away from crime.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: December 8, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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