The reality of reality…

King Coe tha Great



The Reality of Reality... 3-3-2016 For the sake of the amusement; our people have been hypnotized with the fruits + gifts of the eye. We have lost the truth + been swayed into a false reality. When a person's only thoughts are to gain fame and fortune through the exploitation of their culture purely so that they can abuse sex, drugs + violence; then clearly something is not right... How can we be the leaders of tomorrow, if our doings will not allow us to see tomorrow because of our deaths or prison sentences that will never end?? Because that is all that will come if we continue to aid our enemy in destroying our culture. We have to wake up, wipe our eyes, and focus on the true reality + not reality T.V., because Reality T.V. is not our Reality. There is no Real Housewives of any city, it is all a staged illusion to rape our minds of education, information and essentials to overcome our struggle. There is no "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow; only a brook of water that will leave us soaked + chilled to our bones if we don't realize the Reality of our Reality... You can call it government, Illuminati, or whatever terminology you prefer to express the machine that churns out the blueprints to steal, kill, + destroy our kind. Our kind is the unfortunate souls of poverty, degradation, and captivity. The large force of confused individuals who have always been victims of police or any type of authorized brutality since those ships touched this soil. Since we were kidnapped from Kemet, Angola, Tago. Stolen from Madagascar, Kenya and many other African states, cities, + villages and transported to this New World Order as private property of the buyer to till, plow + fertilize this land into the great country of trade + commerce it is today, 400 years later. Still as Willie Lynch predicted. The Reality of Reality need to be brought to reality now!! It needs to come full focus on what's going on behind closed doors of city council, senator desks, the gates of the so-called: White House; that was built by the hands of our ancestors. Because there are no Real Husbands. The checks that Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart receive do not enter the institutions of rehabilitating the victims of the 1980s crack epidemic. The Reality of Reality T.V. is that it's a joke! These black women degrade themselves and look like Windy City prostitutes for the love of money. Or do they do it to stem the pain of their true Reality?? These shows do show the greener side of the fence, but what about the uneducated ones who strut across the stage and make you say, "She makes us look bad"? But do you know why?? Because Television has swayed her judgment of Reality. The triumphant victory of the final goal that was implemented fore score as these individuals aged and grew they never learned the harsh truth of Reality. Now, for decades to come, our people will suffer the true Reality that our false Reality has brought upon us all due to the Staged Housewives illusionated T.V. that swayed us from the Real World. Peace My People. Please Wake Up!!! By: King Cor Tha Great

Author: King Coe tha Great

Author Location: Georgia

Date: March 3, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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