The reality/what the hell!

Camara, Bayé



THE REALITY/WHAT THE HELL! At last count there were 51,004 prisoners. on lock down in Pennsylvania's D,0.C., of those 51,004 prisoners, 4800 plus are Lifers. The thing is with all A the overcrowding and the: growing costs, (1.8 Billion Dollars) it takes to warehouse us and deal with the many Healthcare and Mental Health issues us Lifers face as we grow older in these atrocious holes, why isn't more of an effort by those in power and us Lifers being made to alleviate the Lifer population? After all, there are many« of us Lifers who have been and will continue to be positive influences, assets, and leaders in, out of, and to society overall; What The Hell! Wouldn't it be more feasible to have ‘a full overhaul of. Pennsylvania's Penal System? I suggest a "Front-end Reformation", with much of the input coming from us Lifers who are cognizant, which can vastly reduce the need for keeping us Lifers locked down, warehoused and escalating the already 'overtaxed Pennsylvania ‘budget 11) keep our Healthcare and Mental Health compliant, if nothing else. What The Hell! After all, Healthcare for Lifers as 23 whole is 21 major" failure. There's no real ‘competent and timely care. Too many of us were/are subjected to indifferent attitudes, which leads to us dying from ailments that could- be ‘cured, due. to that notion of "LIFT! MEANS LIFE", and "They're not going any where!" Some of us Lifers heard that stuff so damn much we began_believing that bull$#@%! What The Hell! Mental Health is a serious issue Lifers deal with daily and are in need of proper counseling and the implementation of competent therapists who administer sufficient therapy and programs, opposed to the Witch Doctor horse-dung that's being peddled as Mental Healthcare here within the D.0.C. by these alleged Mental Health Specialist. What The Hell! I Let us not leave out the Education and Vocational training aspect for us Lifers, which are streamlined severely when it comes to including us Lifers. These are programs that need to be available to us Lifers that strive to utilize that one opportunity/possibility that may warrant our Getting Free, Being Free, and Staying Free. What The Hell! Us Lifers who can make a real difference are the ones who get the least attention and will remain stuck in these human warehouses as our talents waste away along with the nmny years we have spent and have- to spend behind these forty—five feet high sandstone walls and'razor wired topped fences, while occupying a 5 xV8 modern day cage with another man/woman waiting to be toe tagged, and our only hope is having somebody on the outside who'll claim our soulless bodies. What The Hell! A fellow Lifer heard me speak about the plight of us Lifers at a «meeting and. he reminded _me fthat; we still. have (COMMUTATION) to look" forward to. I almost choked him out because Commutation has been,.is, and will remain a tool to keep us Lifers from UPRISING in a manner that could rival Attica, but if it keeps "HOPE ALIVE", then more power to A those who are banking on it, myself included, despite the low percentage of us Lifers who have been granted commutation in the past twenty-five years. It's ridiculous to say the least. What The Hell! Of .course, Relief and Re—Entry Programs/Projects would need to be created and installed for us Lifers, which means a pliable Parole Reform would be nice too, since we need a plan that will assure our successful» re—entrance back into our families lives, communities, and our society overall. Lord knows us Lifers don't need to face that perpetual failure that seems to plague those Parolees who are nothing less than inglorious poster children.for recidivism and politicians talking stuff about being tough on crime. What The Hell! A I know those of us ‘Lifers who may be blessed with _obtaining' Commutation: will find significant obstacles andi haters, but: damn! .At least make a fortified effort to get that proverbial second chance at GETTING FREE, BEING FREE, and STAYING FREE. What The Hell! So let those in power and let us Lifers make moves for Front-end Sentencing Reformation, Programs that will truly address Healthcare and Mental Health issues, Education, and a strong A-fter Incarceration Service to direct and support us Lifers. What The Hell! [redacted] aka Baye Camara

Author: Camara, Bayé

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: November 6, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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