The reason I write seperately is for different topic’s regarding my treatment

Gipbsin, Clarence A.



Clarence Albert Gipbsin Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, Bldg-14-Cell 217. 480 Alta Road San Diego, Calif. 92179 6-7-2020 From: Clarence A. Gipbsin To: Hamilton College Purpose: APWA; Dear APWA; The reason I write separately is for different topic's regarding my treatment within the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation's... I wish to let you know that discrimination is high in America; you see I am related to member's of the U.S. President's from Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan, Larra Bush, Barbra Bush, Hillary Clinton, Michelle and Barak Obama; and even Donald J. Trump! If any say this is not true, then challenge them and their entire family to a D.N.A. test matched to mine, men, women, and children! I will leave at that! However; being a African American; with even a blood lineage to the United Kingdom Royal Family; extending back to it's conception as a nation; as and when it became the U.K; I must say that; discrimination is skin deep. Sense I am not "European" white, or [nieve?]-colored skinned; I have been treated like a common criminal, who have not committed a crime, deserving 30 years of incarceration. I say so as much because, the system their trying to operate is worst then American slavery in the 1400's, 1500's, 1600's, 1700's, 1800's... You see; sense they have learnt how to do dental surgery; assistance governmental official's has used it to murder innocent people; however, strictly speaking in America prison's, I am not speaking of honest dentist, but dishonest one's! Who are serial-murderer's! First, the use the tool's after numbing, to scrimble the nerves in the left-side for speak, imagination, and creative thought's of highly intelligent people; shooting a micro-bullet like thread wier into the brain to scrimble area's in the head to cause you to bleed to death, yet while your still alive functioning daily; so when sudden death appear, it look like natural causes as those part's of the brain heal itself! And re-grow or swell! This same process also crack the schull arround the teeth area, attempt's to remove all teeth out of a person (1) mouth. It appear to them, like a gum disease, yet it is created by these assistence who kill off people in America they wish not to learn of in the public spectrum! When the schull de-tach, it creates a paralyzational experience of not being able to move ones own body. Yet one continual to function. However, it creates a stream of blood daily going down the throat of the victim, filling up their lung's with blood, causing a choking feeling of drawning; the person urinate blood slowly daily, which the tooth draws him or her of the blood flow. Their body smell like a suage, however, no examiner recognize it, their body looses strength being able to lift it's own weight in exercise, yet, they will relate it to some flu sickness, but it is not in this case... They have a cup like hole between the tooth that fills the tooth up and a salty-blood taste is in their mouth daily; they feed the person small speck's of a pin size like urine or waste shit, in their daily food, causing them to receive an infection! In this way, they can convince the patient they have a gum disease, which the need to start removing their teeth. This stop all means of identifying who this person is by dental records... They also insert machinatic's in the person so they can control the person speak, word's, and brain activities as to their bodily function's by the push of computer key board's! Which a pin like object tap's the brain function. They also; use a pin like object insertion to the microly drill and rip through their body and brain killing of their brain cell's like mush, and clugging up their blood oriteries, ect... Killing of eye-sight; as well slowly... The weight of the dead blood in their body start weighing heavily in them. They can go from 200 pounds to 210 pounds each month as it's own bodily blood tries to regenerate's, and from 210 to 220, to 230, to 240, to 250, to 260 to 270 ect within a eight month period! Or one year... They will then claim it is some other bodily disfunction, heart attack's, strokes, ect... or some calistrial ect... Starting a medical dependency why such person is slowly dying by their hands... Now; rather the reader's of "APWA," believe this or not, or consider this some type of comparacy theory or so on, is not a matter of concern to me! The truth is what it is, and all what it is, but a also a matter of ones own personal investigation! Also (2) they learnt how to track prisoner's mind's to talk to hollograms that look real, in body, mind, vision, and talk, the machinatic's in the brain, teeth, is directed and controlled by such; by optical illusion! A memory image... an a false proception with no feeling's or real concern's about your concern's, right's, protection's, or well-being, finances, or so forth... They use this technology advancement to rob you of your future experience of prosperity, happiness, or life in every type of creative invention sold, bought to governments, governmental official's, celebrities; and forces of power! Robbing the innocent, un-connected of their very function and then turning on those they have wronged and is wronging! In a sense; what Germany did to the Jew's, even in their experiment's on those same Jews in like way's in the fourth right or Fürth Reiht ect in 1930's through the 1940's ect... Sincerely, Clarence A Gipbsin (3)

Author: Gipbsin, Clarence A.

Author Location: California

Date: June 7, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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