The scars we wear today

Brooks, Lucas



The Scars We Wear Today By: Lucas Brooks Do you believe that there's more to you than the way you have lived your life so far. Throughout our lives its safe to say that we have made mistakes. We all have stories that we are not proud of. Stories that are filled with pain and sorrow. We all have loved ones that can share a story or two about how we hurt them or someone else. It seems like every time I try to accomplish a goal someone has a story about how I have failed in the past. If this is starting to cause you to think of your own stories then this is for you so keep reading. Our past has defined us for far to long and its time to utilize those stories as a learning experience. You are more than you allow yourself to be if you keep looking back in life. Your past is behind you and everything that is behind you is an experience that you made it through some how some way. There's good and bad behind us and there's a lesson to be learned from it all. Its up to you to decipher the good from the bad so that you are able to decide how you live your life from here on out. If you get caught up on the bad times try telling yourself you are more than the scars you wear from the stories of your past. Eventually you will believe that you are more. You may be thinking, how can I be more if nobody believes in me? Or how can I be more if nobody wants me around? The problem with those two questions is you are not nobody. You are beautiful and you are capable of becoming anything you want to be if you just believe that you are more. Becoming more is up to you and the moment that you begin to believe in yourself the ones you care most about will come around. It takes time and its not going to be easy to do. I am still trying to prove myself to my loved ones and I question myself all the time but its not going to stop me because I truely believe that I am more than the scars I wear and the ones I've caused others to wear. Have you ever seen someone point at a scar and smile as if it were a gold medal? There's always a story that goes with it. You must have a scar of your own that carries a pretty good story. I think those stories are beautiful because they say you survived and healed from whatever happened to create that scar. Some of our wounds went much deeper than others and took more time to heal. Thats how I want you to look at your past behaviors. You hurt yourself and the people you love and some of the stories of your past cut much deeper than you wanted them to which will take more time to heal. You may have to take care of some the wounds you caused differently, but I can promise you that if you put the love and care needed towards them they will heal. It may not be easy but if your like me and your tired of being defined by the stories of your past then it will be worth the effort. I believe that it starts by accepting that we made mistakes that we are not proud of and that we dont have to let it hold us back anymore. Today you can be more than the scars you wear if you would just believe that you are more. I want to tell you that you are more a thousand times in a thousand ways but more than anything I want you to believe it. Its time to use your past life to build your future. Own your past and accept that its not going to be easy to allow your wounds to heal. The scars will always be there but one day you will be able to set with your loved ones and say, do you remember when I was the man that caused that pain?...To hear my children say that they remember when I was the man that caused so much pain will feel good because it will mean that I'm not that man anymore. My scars will have healed and my life will be progressing with my loved ones. It will mean that I am more than my past behaviors and I pray that someday we are all more than the scars we wear.

Author: Brooks, Lucas

Author Location: New Jersey

Date: August 5, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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