The second Covid tsunami

Hargrove, Jaymes G.



The Second Covid Tsunami By: Jaymes Hargrove- Beto For the past nine months we h;ave continue to hear ever increasing numbers of positive COVID tests, as well as a death toll supposedly on the rise. Is it any wonder that people have little trust in the media? Negative Nancy can be found on every channel and media outlet. We must mask! We must social distance! We must not open up the country economically for any reason! We must! We Must! WE MUST! All of us are tired of the same message being preached by hypocritical hacks who continue to go abroad, gather in large groups, and continue to spend tax-payer dollars to pay for it all. Americans are fed up and the fraying of society is well under way thanks to the aristocracy no one thinks is real. I sit in the confines of a 6x9 cell once again quarantined because of mass testing across the unit. Honestly, I'm not surprised, and neither are those around me. Were the situation not so aggravating, I could laugh at the puerility of it all. I feel like a man who has watched a devestating tsunami rip apart his town only to move elsewhere to gape as another tsunami strikes my abode. December 31, 2020, the last day of the calendar year, and the George Beto Unit in Tennessee Colony, Texas, intends to embark upon a new year with the unit on quarantine. The saddest part of this masquerade is that long term numbers will not justify the action taken by the Administration under Warden Stiefer, probably at the behest of Huntsville. As with most things undertaken by TDCJ Officials, there is an ulterior motive, one that is going to cause a massive outcry among the public: Obtaining vials of the vaccine. This is a thorny issue for many because we in prison are criminals; however, one needs to account for the officers who transmit the virus to us when they come through the gate. At this point in time I will leave the issue alone. The media is crying loudly about a new strain of the virus, but the proof is negligible at this point. Out there the uptick is due to holiday gatherings; in prison, the uptick is throughh failure to follow policy that mandates quaranting all inmates for fourteen days when either transfering units or routine intake. As the second tsunami slowly recedes, one thing will always remain, the strength to pick up the shattered fragments and rebuild. We in prison are resilient and will see this pandemic through as well. Let it flood; WE WILL STAND STRONG! *As of November 2020, 25,000 of 140,000 (est) have tested positive and 166 have died in Texas prisons (TDCJ data only)

Author: Hargrove, Jaymes G.

Author Location: Texas

Date: December 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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