The so-called American dream

Harrison, Dominic



THE SO-Called, AMERICAN DREAM Holding on to my sanity and trying to grasp reality is a hard task when I'm only a man with two hands. Constantly struggling with falling victim to negativity or embracing kinetic energy to excel pass the expectations of those who've limited my limitations. Who am I-but a blackman-with the mind capacity of a field full of slaves. Ready to revolt on the white man's vision of what's supposed to be, only to show and prove that I can do all things and will remain superior in all aspects of life. I use knowledge and prosperity to overcome the mental hardship of today, in which the whiteman and his wicked ways have placed in my path. Modern day whips and chains can and should be broken with the reading of righteous and knowledgeable material. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. If I can get Just one brother or one sister to my vision of reality, then together We can make a difference.....A better understanding of who we are.....Please allow me to elaborate on what I mean in the above statement. This is the summation of the So-Called, American Dream. The piece of the pie that young men and women everywhere aspire to obtain. They are raised with the ethic that if you work hard you will succeed, if you go to school and get an education, you'll get a good job, a beautiful wife and a white picket fence surrounding nice green grass to water on Sundays. But what happens when your school is a war zone. Nothing more a fashion show, the education you get from a teacher who doesn't see you as a person, but as a problem; and therefore treats you as such? What happens when your job pays slave wages, but the cost of living is a king's ransom? Now even if you do have a degree, A piece, of paper confirming you've been educated, just the fact of being young and black is considered a liability instead of an asset, under the circumstances, the only fence a mans wife sees is the one around her project complex or the prison her man is abiding in, so by the time you see that nice green grass, it is the manicured lawn of the cemetery, your final resting place. The American Dream has been deferred, so those who realize this have Chosen another avenue to success, another road to riches, a darker but parallel path. this is the way of the gangster. The one who makes his own list of rules and enforces it, his word is his guns, and his silence is law, violations are dealt with swiftly. And by the Code of the Streets, Justly! This is a world where loyalty and honor really mean something, because anything less can cost you your life. The gangster knows he isn't living the American Dream, he is part of the American Reality. I know that this country was built on the same principles that We ruthlessly enforce. We know and understand the pilgrims were pillages who conned the natives out of their Country. And when the Natives got wise, these pilgrims raped, burned, and slaughtered, all who stood in their path, so while you eat turkey on thanksgiving, the American Tradition, the gangs [Government] celebrate the biggest take-over this country has ever seen, a real thug holiday, but it doesn't stop with the English with common tactics, we as the African-American took from the English their common thug tactics, and a Fuck-you attitude. When Patrick Henry said, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death," he might as well as screamed, "Ride or die!" because that's what he meant by today's terms. We, the Americans ran the English off their block and we celebrated the fourth of July, we even sing it's praises before major sporting events an salute it around the country. The American Flag, it's colors Red and Blue, these same Colors have split the streets, literally ripping them in half. Making half our BLOODS and the other half CRIPS. Yet, however you cut it, Red and Blue are the American Colors. But WHITE is the American Power. [Government/Gangsters]. The Street gangster see this, understand it, and he applies it to the world in which he dwells, he turns the UN into five families, the Geneva Convention into a peace treaty, instead of invading Countries, he invades neighborhoods, spreading the same violence, Poison, illusions, and sells dreams. All the white profiting until one day the very law he create backlashes and destroys him. then another man disenfranchised by the mainstream step up. Being even more ruthless, violent or Cunning than his predecessor and the cycle continues, but don't blame the man. Don't hate the game because you see, it's the American Way! we've become products of our environment, so the question left to ask is how far are you willing to go? we have lessons to be learned, they are not fairy tales, they are not manufactured Commercial gangstas that B.E.T The Source of Clear Channeled Communication, it tries to create for your entertainment pleasure. The Set is Neighborhoods verses other areas, not universal Studious. There are no stunt doubles or rehearsal, so no one will cry out. "Cut" Because these are the uncut visions of one who have live the life, and who starved and bled, and who have tooking it in blood, won or lost. In short, these are the Chronicles of gangstas that lived them. Yes, these are only a few out of eight million stories to tell. And tomorrow there will be eight million more. What we present is like various snap shots of a continuous riot, some faces laughing, some crying, some bloodied in the custody of police officers, some people fleeing the scene, arms wrapped around a stolen plasma T.V. Never the less, the riot continues and it will continue until we realize that we have two options. Either, we play the game all the way out, or get all the way out the game. Take the hustle, the grind, and the gangstas to a new level. The Street Chronicles area testament to that whole new level and what the power of expression can do. We as supreme, thinkers are using our minds in diverse ways to articulate what the masses are not seeing. This is for the beautiful women who do ugly things, and for the intelligent brothers who make dumb decisions, and for the next generation of ghetto kids who need some one to look up to and a ideal to believe in. From the Streets to the books, from the books to beyond. The world is for those with the courage to Claim it and Wisdom to maintain it. Please Look into yourself, How far are you willing to go? Remember to take what you See and hear use what you can. Discard the rest. But by no means allow yourself to become Just another story to tell. or Just another name to remember on walls or T-Shirts, Just another face lost in the riot of the street. Turn off the lights to the old ways and close the doors when you leave it. Written By: Dominic Harrison

Author: Harrison, Dominic

Author Location: Virginia

Date: February 12, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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