The story of James Brown, 1985-2018

Brown, James



SUPREME NETWORK 5 JsacIi1/(:i§bI'3rOWn CQ-3403 " lOn 10745 Route 18 Albion, PA 16475 In support of a ”Good Time Bill for Pennsylvania”: 0 Reducing and Eliminating Violence Inside Pennsylvania Prisons 0 Incentives, earned sentence reduction for good behavior a Work Time—Commutation The Story of James Brown, 1985-2018, Since 1985, I have been sewing a life sentence, without the possibility of parole, and am seeking legal assistance to obtain relief. I was 29 years old when this sentence was imposed and have grown leaps and bounds as a man and human being since then. My background is a boy of8 or 9 placed in mental hospitals due to a life-long diagnosis of schizophrenia. I can recall being placed on heavy doses of anti—psychotic medications and my mental illness progressively worsening to a point of executing gunshot wounds and stabbings on myself. At my criminal trial, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office sought to kill me by Death Penalty. Judge Lynn Abraham presided over my trial and did everything in her power to. prevent the jury from hearing evidence of my mental health history. The exclusion of this evidence significantly impacted the truth- determining process in my case because every crime requires specific intent and my particular illness includes daily bouts with hallucinations and hearing voices in my head. Throughout my life I have been involuntarily committed to mental hospitals by judges and doctors, dating back to the 1960's. Throughout the entirety of my criminal trial, I was heavily sedated with psych drugs with the knowledge ofjudge Lynn Abraham, who ultimately condemned me to death by incarceration where there are no platforms for intensive care. With the exception of this revelation, I have never spoken publicly about my condition or history out of shame, ignorance of the law and lack of resources to make myself heard. When I did seek treat, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections buried and isolated me in punitive segregation cells for years under conditions where the so-called toilet was a hole in the center of the floor infested with the bugs and insects that would make their way on my body when I squatted above it to defecate. There were times when my bed was a cold slab of concrete without a mattress or linens and the metal handcuffs ripped through my flesh for hours leaving permanent scars on my body and mind. The DOC denies me, and thousands of other, treatment to save money and, in many cases, steal money from the government by pretending to provide treatment to prisoners with mental illness. I don't want to suffer anymore and am now reaching out for support from the masses asking that you take the time to be our voices concerning relief for lifers in Pennsylvania using my story of how the system doesn't always get it right. Don't let me die another statistic in this living hell. Pennsylvania has a very high rate of assaults on both staff and prisoners. This problem can be addressed and make Pennsylvania's prions safer for everyone with legislative passage of a good time bill, where prisoners can reduce their time by participating in programs, working and staying misconduct free. In return they will earn ten to twelve days off their sentence per month. This represents prison reform that is conducive to the safety of all who live and work inside Pennsylvania's prisons.

Author: Brown, James

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: June 18, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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