The straight fire

Magnific, Roc



"The Straight Fire" Pop quiz, mental midgets: which country locks up more people than any other country in the world? If you guessed Communist China: ay, caramba! Wrong! Its the good oll U.S.A. Shocked? Don't be. Here's the dillie, eudemans: America makes up 5% of the world's population, but more than 25% are in human warehouses (e.g. prisons) and jails. If one were to go by the numbers along with per capita, America's the world's largest jailer. Here are some more startling figures, eudemens. According to (2011) U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics, 1% (.94) of Americans are locked up. Since 1970 the prison population grown more than [200?] freaking percent! More than 40% of the prison population is white (albeit some will dispute this citing Blacks comprise this figure). 1 in 9 Black men are in prison and Hispanics are fast becoming more locked up twice the rate of whites. Basically there are several reasons why the prison industry has explored and is [gey?] profitable for some states. One: So many states as well as the federal government have passed "truth in sentencing" laws that, at first, sounded like finding gold at the end of the rainbow, but now has become an Cronus eating his own rug rats. Now it's evident that these so-called laws have become a hinderance with consideration [upd?] the rights of the accused. Judges, prosecutors, police have become quite powerful as a result of such. And whenever they break the law in pursuing any criminal, that makes them lower than a criminal because they're supposed to be legal servants sworn to uphold the law. They adopt the look of any kid who's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Society cries with much aplomb that in order to become open of the first things that must needs attending to is to combat crime by building more prisons. Yet this has become jagged because you can't constantly build human warehouses that've become financial albatrosses. Plus, society has to accept the fact that it's got to accept the spectre of crime occurring as to yearn it becoming open. Any brewer can make outstanding good beer, but oftentimes the best brewer makes bad beer. So is it judicious to cite that America's prison system is nothing but a money making cabal in which states and the federal government build these concrete, steel sardine cans to appease a public that'll accept any idea that building a new person's the only way to get the bad dudes and dudettes off the street? Even Solomon'll go crazy if he tried to answer this query. Yet how long can one reside on the side of the angels in note [bene?] that taxpayers are fed up with the precautions of politicians in crying upd the mean to build more more prisons, whenever a parole goofs up big time or when a crime wave erupts? Several states such as Arkansas and Massachusetts have been forced to close some of their prisons due to financial [tsuris?] (Arkansas did close one- but is in the process of reopening the same to house those who are about to reenter society, in order to thwart the state's perennial recidivism ranking in the nation as one of the worst in the nation). And housing men and women who're actually or legally innocent, plus an increasing prison population that's older, more succumbing to poor health - all hitting state and federal prisons [turgidly?]. So, it takes courage for any pol, any state or even the federal government to finally put all hiser or its cards on the table and tell John and Jane D Public: "Okay, we need to address our huge overcrowding of our jails, prisons with patience and exercise judiciousness, because we are losing billions of monies that could be used where it's needed." "And while we're at it, we've got to help those who're confined to become better members of society by creating rehabilitation programs, allow good-time credits and pay them whiles they're confined, increase the release stipend (Arkansas only metes out a [crodesus?]sum of $100 to one leaving its system and a bus ticket to anywhere) before we sell all them back into the free world." Yet many are lacking in courage, truth to tell their constituents this because they are blind. And none are so blind as these who'll not see their own debility that affects them. One's sick as sick as one's secrets. Furthermore, if they (politicians) already know this and they fail to need [upd?] this, it's the worst form of political cowardice there is, amen. Therefore to combat America's pregnant prison population states and the federal government must come together in the name of cooperation and for the good of all forlorn hopes confined, and the public good, to combat this fastidious national and global disgrace. If motivations're needed, all must hearken [upd?] justice, national and spiritual faith, courage, love. Where the willingness is great, the difficulties can't be great.

Author: Magnific, Roc

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: October 14, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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