The stress of this place pt. 5

The Wordist WAM



The Stress of This Place " Pt. 5 Stressed? Yes But in the same breath I'm blessed See first and foremost I'm alive Even though right now I am living on the inside I pray that one day I will be free And I know that they will release me eventually So until then I just take what I can get Stay in my lane far away from the bull sh-- Then be thankful for the little events And make the best out of this confinement Remembering to keep my struggle first And understanding that things could be a lot worse Concentrate on things that are necessary Don't over worry the phone or the commissary Hopefully I'll get a visit every now and again And a letter once awhile from a good friend But even if these things don't become my reality I can just take this time to build a better me See I can confront this sentence face to face ...... Or I can just fall victim to the stress of this place The Wordist - WAM

Author: The Wordist WAM

Author Location: Georgia

Date: 2016

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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