The stress of this place pt. 7

The Wordist WAM



"The Stress of This Place" Pt. 7. Everywhere I turn there's a woman telling me what to do That's why I'm stressed! And you would be too Everywhere I move there's this oppressive female presence I might as well have been given a death sentence Out of all the prisons all over this whole wide world I had to be sent to the one that's run by little girls Whether at breakfast, dinner, or lunch No matter what day it is, it's always that time of the month So right from bright and early in the morn I'm subjected to their wrath and their scorn But the bible study says that she has no authority Then why the hell are they always messing with me Hair weave, fake nails, and way too much perfume Here to chart my demise and to seal my doom Damn half of them don't even like men So with that being said how can I ever win Whatever happened to them being sweet and feminine Because when a situation starts their the first to jump right in And not to mention the estrogen that's constantly in my face ...... That's just one more aspect about the stress of this place The Wordist - WAM

Author: The Wordist WAM

Author Location: Georgia

Date: 2016

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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