The stroke of bad luck

Morris, D'Andre



D'Andre Morris "The Stroke of Bad Luck" I don't remember my baby hood. As a kid I was a orphan. Until I finally got adopted unto a family. I was 7 years old when I got adopted. By a woman named Yvonne Morris, and a man, George Morris. My new mom and dad. That's what they told me to call them. I did not want to but I got used to it. They adopted other kids. 1 of the boys was supposed to be my real brother. I was the neglected child. Suspended from school, always on punishment, sometimes punishment would be to clean the house, or I would write a sentence 5,000 times. There were sometimes sex with these other kids. Which stopped as we got older. There were times I slept outside. I would be kicked out, or I would run away. I would steal food from stores and panhandle. One time I ran away I was sleeping in the back yard. Until a friend that knew me, was looking for me. He knew I was on the streets sometimes. He walked me home one day and asked, "What are you about to do." I told him, " I about to sleep in the back yard." He told me to come with him. His name is Lamar. Lamar begged his mother for me to stay with them. She agreed. My friends mother, Mary, did not like my problem. So she tried to get custody of me. I stayed with them that winter til the next winter, my birthday, December, 8. The court date for custody was December, 7. On December, 1 one of my friends, Jimmy had a stoley; a stolen car. We were driving around, Jimmy, Mark, Fasu, and me. We went back to Lamar house to get my jewelry. I was trying to sell. Mary told me not to get in the stolen car. I did not listen I went anyway we drove to a pawn shop. Sold the jewelry, and split it between us. It was getting late, so Jimmy dropped everyone off. When we got to my house no-one answered the door. So I got in the stolen car again. Jimmy wanted to show me how to steal a car. Next thing I know I was getting out of Juvenile on December, 3. In jail for the first time. They put me on house arrest. When December, 7 came, Mary lose in court; lose custody. My mother sent me to stay with a lady that claimed to be my real aunt. I did not stay there that long. I went to jail for some stealing CDs. Trying to make some money for the stolen car incident. My mother owed $1,500 to the courts for the car. She claimed I was bad. But I was not. Eventually she put me out again. I stayed at a homeless shelter. I had to go to court for the stolen car case. My mother told the judge, she wanted me out of her house in court. They made me ward of state, and locked me up. I was 17 years old. I stayed there for 3 weeks. From there I went to a youth program. It provide housing for the youth. I had some fights with one of my roommates. I ended up setting my room on fire. I went to jail for about 1 year. Within that year I was 17 going on 18 years. One day my bunkie was arguing with a deputy. 5 of them came out. They took him out of the cell. One big muscle bound man came in my cell. Choked me out Before I got up, he put his hands in fighting position. I stayed down. Then I went to prison for another year. I paroled on March, 10. I left with my G.E.D. My goal was to go to college. I never made it. I was at my brother house when I made parole. We got into it the first week. Things change when you go from prison or jail back home. From there I was back on the streets. My brother had a job for me, but I did not want him to know where I was at. I was content, then they took me away - prison, then put me right back into what I ran way from. I was back on the streets stealing food, until I got my bridge card. And I was trying to get a job. After homeless shelters, half way houses, temporary visits over people houses, it was getting cold I started to strong arm people I tried to settle down at my friends house. Him and his friend was stealing cars. They were putting stolen cars next door at an abandoned house. A boy 13 years old came to me one day and woke me up from sleep. He ask me to "get in the car and go to the store" I was against stolen cars. So he had to convince me. I told him, "well go, if we go make some money." He agreed. The problem was getting money was more dangerous than going to the store. After we went to the store, I stoped the car, and bagged out of the mission. The police drove up and flashed the light on the car. The police was already in front of us when we step out of the car. While I was in jail I cryed. I did 6 months in jail. I was sentenced to 6 months WCJ - Wayne County Jail and a 3 month program. I went to a halfway house. I was half way locked up. I could not visit anyone, until I was in there for 30 days. Within 2 weeks I left the program. Plotting on absconding from parole. I called my parole officer a week later. He told me "go back to the program." I did. But I enjoyed my freedom I called my parole office a week later back at the program. Told him, "a man was threatening me with a gun." He OK'ed me to leave. I did. More freedom for me. I just start getting SSD. $343 a month. I went to live with my big sister, Sasha. Sasha is my real blood sister. I worked community service. I had to do 100 hours, also for the last stolen car case I caught. One day me and my sister had a disagreement. I left. I had a meeting, but I was 3 hours early. But I just wanted to get away. I was waiting nearby the meeting at this abandoned house. The grass was high. Back then I was going in abandoned houses for fun. I went around the back. There was a big fence and it was locked I climbed the fence. There were a fire escape on the building. which was 2 stories up. At the top there was a door I can see inside of. There were dirty dishes on the counter. Making the dumbest mistake of my life. I knocked on the door. When one one answered, I figure I can make my move. I could not get inside the door without damage. Damaging things is not something I do. I looked up and saw the window was cracked. I got up there and put my head thru. I saw a shadow, and fell. I ran down the stairs and tumbled on the grass. When I look up a man was on top of the stairs with a gun pointed at me. I did not move. When I thought of running, I saw my one shoe a few feet on the ground in front of me. I told him I was no harm and gave him my parole officer's number. My parole officer told him to call the police. They came and apprehended me. I was proud at being alive, and mad at being arrested. I flipped out in the back of the police car. And tried to fight them at the station. They took me to the Hospital. Receiving Hospital. Receiving told the police they were going to keep me for mental health reasons. Talk about a get out of jail free card. I saw one of my adopted sisters on the mental ward. We were talking and staff told us not to. I went crazy. They restrained me and gave me a shot. I was out. I woke up being transported to a Mental Institution, Haven Wick. I stayed for 1 week and a half. My mother said I had a $6,000 check in the mail. I discharged and went home. I got home and cashed the check at a bank TCF bank. Later on I bought a car, and a studio apartment. My rent was $450.00 a month. I was getting $343.00 a month. So I had to make a extra $100.00. I started to sell weed, then weed and crack. I had two girlfriends one was a nurse had a car and she was doing good. The other was a prostitute and a crack head. One day I went to the parole office. I got in a confrontation with another agent. I had to parole once a month. The next month I had a feeling not to take my car. I took the bus. I got arrested and my parole office for a warrant for Breaking and entry I did not know I had. Which was for the time, I got out of jail free. The court found out I beat that case to a misdemeanor - EWOP. They gave me $100 dollar personal bond. I was released that day. It was cold out side and they gave me a coat. It was a nice coat and one of the trustees said, "it was his." They took the coat back I know it was not his but I was getting out, so I did not care. I caught the bus. When I got off the bus, I had ran 2 miles to get home. My fingers was frostbite. I really needed that coat. I stayed at my mother's house. I told my brother I wanted to "start back selling crack." He said "no." So I went to stay with him. The first night we got into a confrontation. I left the next morning. I went to stay with a friend. He was living in a "spot" selling crack. This was the first time I worked in a spot. I was making $10 out of $50. My friend told me to file taxes. It was tax season. I went to a guy that was doing taxes out of his house. The man that was doing taxes celebrated with me that night paid for a order from every one there from a seafood restaurant. The next morning I took some papers to a location. The location was where the tax man told me to go and give them the papers. I was getting $3,500 back taxes. I did not go back to the spot. I went and brought my own sack to sell and went to tiara house. Tiara was a crackhead I was kicking it with from time to time. The next day I was over my friends house, and they wanted to go to the store. I went with the crack on me. While I was on the phone, a black car pulled up talked to us. I was getting off, the phone, and all I hear is "he got a gun." There were 3 men in the car. The man in the back got out quick and came towards me. I saw a badge hanging from his neck it was the police. (In reality, if it was not the police the guys in the car would have had a problem. In this situation, they would be the problem) The guys in the car was frisking me and my friends. I did not have a gun, but I had crack. They let my friends go. In handcuffs in the car they asked me for names and numbers. Asking me to tell on where I got the drugs from. I said nothing, so I went to jail. While I was in jail I told my mother to write herself a check in my name for 3,400. She was sending me money while I was in jail. I told her to send my sister some money for a house, because my sisters kids was in child protection custody. I plea to guilty for attempt to deliver for 1 year of WCJ. While I was in there I had a fight one-on-one with a deputy. The staff call me and another off the rock and was moving us. The other guy was talking to one of the deputies I was watching. One of the staff told me to go down the stairs. His verbal was aggressive, but I went slowly. He got upset, and grabbed me by my neck and lead me down stairs then, put me on the wall, choking me. Then, flexed me on the ground and held me there for a short period. When I got to my rock, I call the guy out for a one-on-one fight and he accepted and we fought. After my year in jail I went to prison for parole violation. I was on parole for arson doing 1-to-5 years, and I had 4 months left, until that time expired. So I did 4 months in prison. Within those four months I was going crazy, so I was in WCC - Woodland Center Corrections, the mental hospital for prisoners in MDOC. Because of that upon release, when they let me free, I was sent to Walter P. Ruther which is a mental hospital in the real world. I was getting SSD and working in Walter Ruther. I was in there for a year. When I step out I stepped out with money. I went from a transitional house to my brother house. I got a ticket for a bag of weed, which was my brother fault. He dropped me off at Big Boys Restaurant. 5 minutes later he came rushing in, saying "we got a problem." He got into a altercation with someone. Police was there and I got a ticket for a bag of weed. After, that things went back to being good. Next thing you know I went crazy at my brother's house. Mentally unstable. Me and my brother had a fall out and I busted his window out. Went to jail for [?] destruction. I plead guilty for a misdemeanor. Upon release I got picked up by Detroit police for a warrant, for Breaking and Entering. That's the case I beat to a EWOP-Entering without owners permission. We never did finish the court proceedings. They let me go again for a personal bond with 2,000. So I was back on the streets. I left the court unprepared. I had shorts on and it was cold out side. I went to the bank and had 1,000.00, I took out 100.00 everywhere I went I would spend my money. I was headed to jail to get my identification. I had no more money for the bus. So after my walk to Dickerson - Wayne County Jail III, I walked to my sisters house. The security would not let me in. I need some where to sleep for the night. I went to sleep at the nearest hospital because I was afraid of people. I woke up at 7:00am waiting on the bank to open a 8:00am, I had an hour. I started to roam the hospital. I came to a floor no one was on, and started stealing stuff. I got arrested. In one day. I did 4 months and plead guilty for 6 months and probation. I had one month before release and the put me on a tether. I got out with $4,000 in the bank. I bought a car, got a job, I was doing well. I got off tether, I was still on probation. I was doing good until, I tired to have sex with my brother girlfriend. She was turning me on. I tired to keep my distance. My brother kicked me out the house. I went to stay with a friend. My probation asked me for a number to see how I was doing. I did the stupidest thing, and gave them my brother's number. My probation was violated. I ran out the office now they put a warrant out for me. After I apologized to my brother, he got locked up for murder. I felt like it was my fault, but I did not give him a gun. I got apprehended for trying to strip a house. The police was going to let me go, until they saw I had a warrant. They tried me for a sexual assault, but she did not come to court. So I got released. I went back to my friends house. I was in jail for a week and did not want to go back to work. So I quit a little later they cut me off SSI and SSD. I had no job, and no income. I was no longer at my friends house, but I was squatting. I was trying to put my life back on track. I was trying to get a job, but it was hard trying to get a job without a car. My car broke down, after I ran out on my probation office. I was getting food from my mother, churches, and bridge card. I tried to sell blood at the plasma bank, but I had bad luck. I could not get money from them, because they thought I had a mental problem. I started to steal for things I needed. I had a phone but I broke-it, because I thought someone had put a tracker on it. I was caught wondering around a business. I was stealing stuff. So now my mission was to get a phone, before the month end. I had stashed a phone in the garage at my brothers house the day I broke his window. But he no longer stay there. But I was willing to go over there. The phone was not over there. That day, that morning, I was sitting on the porch of some building, waiting my journey back home. After a while I walked across the street and up the block. I saw a vacant house. I tried to get-in but failed. I went to the back of the garage and sat on the grass. It was peaceful. I, then jumped the gate and went to the next block and walked to 9-mile, a few blocks from Kelly, on 9-mile, I saw a women pull up at a family dollar. I was attracted, especially for women in cars. I used to interact with women in car a lot. So I went to meet this women. The first rules is to ask before you start. I broke this rule. I went to the passenger side, and opened the door, and got in. I made small talk, then kissed her. Next thing she said was, "I will have sex with you." I was happy when she agreed. I told her to pull off and turn a couple of blocks. We stoped then, and tried to have sex there but I could not get in the mood out in the open. We talk about and she wanted it. I told her I'll take her to my house, she agreed. I drove. When we got to the house, I asked for in the car, and she did. Then, we went into the house to have sex. After that she told me, "I can have the car, drop her off at the park." I was not think anything at all, she was trying to break away, I was just trying to get her number before this ends. I told her "I'll drop you off at your house," she protested. I decided to go to Subway, until we decide where she was going to go. We decided to drop her off after we come from Subway. When we were in Subway I told her to "go use the bathroom" because when we were having sex she, said "I have to pee." Next thing happen some man come out screaming, "What did you do to her? Why is she crying like this." I tried to pass him he did not let me pass. I ran for the door. Made it to the car and just pulled off, because I had a bad feeling. I drove up Goatrot, closing in on my city, Detroit. A mile away a car jumped in front of me. I was not using my driving skills. I was not paying any attention to their signal lights, I swerved. Police behind me, hit their lights. I turned fast. The road lead back to Goatrot. Got out and ran across 8-mile. All I had to do was jump a wall, police would have never found me. A black truck cut in front of me. The man jumped out with a gun. He held me until the police caught up. I plead guilty with not even a offer on the table. Now serving 40 to 65 years my ERD is 2055 to 2080. 2080 is my max. D'Andre Morris -----

Author: Morris, D'Andre

Author Location: Michigan

Date: August 22, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 19 pages

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