The struggle

Kuhn-Brown, Erin



The Struggle By: Erin Kuhn-Brown [ID] My new outlet is to write a essay to A.P.W.A. vs. writing a grievance. I use to believe that a grievance allowed me to have a voice... so much has changed. Going into my 20th year of incarceration at the only women's prison in Nevada, I find myself trapped in a situation that irritates & frustrates me to no end. If doing time involved just doing the time, being incarcerated would not be so difficult. The biggest statement that I can make is with one word. Inconsistent. FMWCC leads the pack in this area. What is good for one, is not good for all. I believe when selecting & hiring employees for this type of environment, it should focus on individuals that desire to lead by example and their decisions are based off of departmental guidelines & in following administrative regulations & operational procedures. It's profound to witness the things that staff attempt to get away with, and they do not even reside at the facility. Even though we are all adults (inmate & staff alike), the incarcerated inmate has obviously been confined to this place to relearn & be taught a better way to make responsible decisions & choices here and take new behaviors & attitudes out of this place when released. If the staff, who are the model & example within here cannot even do it correct & consistently for the eight hours of their shift that does not go well to keep the recidivism rate low.

Author: Kuhn-Brown, Erin

Author Location: Nevada

Date: 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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