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The Tale of Books 2/22/2019 This is a sad story. No one is getting books. No magazines too. And even more letters are not getting through. It all comes down to the laziness of the employees in the mail room. A friend sent me a book called "Relax into Yoga: For Seniors" It arrived Dec 13th in the mailroom. It is now mid-February. After 2 months it was finally returned to Amazon with the notation to Amazon that the elderly lady on the cover of the book, in a yoga outfit, was dressed in a provocative manner. Now I know for a fact that "girlie" magazines regularly make it through the mailroom and into the hands of the inmates, on a regular basis (like it did yesterday, with the regular mail call) as long as it does not show any pubic hair. Old lady in yoga pants: NO. Young big ass girl in a G-string: YES ... as long as she shaves her pubic hair. Does that make any sense? 2 weeks ago a good friend sent me 4 books by Daniel Silva. They were part of a series I am reading of about 12 books revolving around an Israeli secret service agent who is an art restorer. Those 4 new paperback books, verified received by Amazon, 3 weeks ago, are still sitting in the mail room. Why? 6 weeks ago another friend mailed 4 magazines, in a white envelope, USPS with a tracking card. The magazines were all "Mother Earth News". Who in the mail room is reading my magazines. Also sent to me, was a textbook, to learn about taking the Real Estate Licensing exam in my home state. It was received 2 times and returned to sender both times, unopened because it "weighed close to 1 pound". That wasted $6-8 in postage plus the unknown cost of the textbook. We are being denied our right to get well intended mail. I will let the reader make their own conclusions on why this is happening because I frankly, and the other 50 plus people here who are in the same situation, do not understand the lack of motivation by the well paid mail room personnel. I wanted to share this sad tale with my friends. It is very typical of the attitude we face every day. Job complacency hurts in every location, not just here in the BOP. The lies you tell yourself are the worst lies of all. user name: "DoctorStork"

Author: doctorstork

Author Location: Kentucky

Date: February 22, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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