The topic of this essay concerns the judicial, government and the correctional system on the beleaved theroy of incarceration to change behavior

Little Mike



May 14, 2016 The topic of this essay concerns the judicial, government and the correctional system on the believed theory of incarceration to change behavior. As a lot of people may know specially the U.S. government the justice system, the courts, lawyers mental health system as well the varied correctional systems and unnamed others. The U.S. has more men, woman, adolescents, etc. in correctional facilities, prisons etc than any other country in the entire world. This is a true statistic. This has been an unchanged event along with insurmountable pain and suffering for people inside the correctional system and society as well. This has remained this way and has only grown and progressed worse since the very start of the correctional system past and present today. There are many organizations out there even with in the government such as cure, critical resistance FAMM and Maoist Internationalist to name just a few that are against mass incarceration and mandatory minimum sentences etc. When you get right down to the heart of the matter it is so obviously revealing that it's all about the money there all making and job security for them all. There is a world wide committee on prisons for over the entire world called the 2015 Mandela Rules. There are one hundred and twenty two rules of which from this prison berlin N.H. There are fifthteen violations and or non compliances alone. Such violations as certain employees there supposed to have certain staff on in various departments. There's not even one vocational rehabilitative etc program. Stuffs integrity and honesty is a lie. To be honest alot of the correctional officers are down right rude, disrespectfull, liers and intentionally communicate in a combative and instagating ways. If you try to call them on this or grieve them they come after you and others in a retalitory manner. They hide behind there credentals and the 11th Amendment with out any attempt to prosecute them in a court of law. Know one within the correctional system meaning there are more bad invested ones and are not out to really try and help the inmate with any kind of real transformation. It's not there job anyway right? It should be a two way street as there are many confined through out the worlds corrections that want the change and help and there is'nt even adquate help and assistance. I'm not trying to push off responsibility onto anyone else nor make excuses for what anyone has done. I take responsibility for my stuff. But how can inmates and a correctional system exspect any real statistical change when the judicial and state and government laws state in general rehabilitative programs in general prisons are not required to provide counseling services like drug or alcohol rehabilitation to prisoners unless they are juveniles mentally ill or recieved rehabilitative services as part of there sentence. A quoted court cast, District of Columbia dept of corrections V. district of Columbia 93 F. 3d 910, 927 (D.C. 1996) It feels like all the varied government and state systems think and feel like convicts got some incurable diease or something. If one of there own cross's the line they give him less time or a break. I find it really odd and hard to explain but with myself from 1988 to 2007 I had like thirty three arrests all alcohol related. Plus I never once took a case to trial. Always plead guilty served 60 or 90 days county jail time and just to go out and do it all over again. This was in Carroll County. Not once did the court or even my own lawyer ask to have an alcohol evaluation done on me. That was done later in another county. They stated I was an alcoholic. Now there's a herion problem and people are overdosing and dying. Now the state and government want to step in and help -What about all the countless lives alcohol has taken etc. Oh that right it's legal and the government taxes it. I'd say the higher archy in governments morality is pretty screwed up We need more judges like you hear on the news every so often when a crime is committed you give them a choice between jail time or do this. Since judges have the power to lock someone up let them use there minds for something else instead of incarceration. I'm all for public safety etc. Keep your murders, gangs, sickoos and violent people locked up. But I truely beleave something much better and productive, real solutions can be made and imposed. What you have in place now certainly is'nt going to improve-can't win if you give up!

Author: Little Mike

Author Location: New Hampshire

Date: May 14, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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