The total cost of providing

Horton, Kemp



NO TITLE The total cost of providing inmates computer tablets and central servers and related equipment to transfer data over the prison TV cable system not connected to the internet but preloaded with education courses is 35 million dollars approx. at 1000 dollars per inmate per 35,000 inmates - if ADC - the state of Arizona pays for this only 1750 inmates need to stay out of prison for just one year for this to pay for itself and that is at the cost of 20,000 per inmate per year housing costs - and due to the unlimited and excellent education inmates can receive with computer tablets in the cells most likely alot more than that will be staying out of prison longer than that = if a corporation is to provide the equipment then require inmates to provide one hour of computer work per day if only 50 percent of inmates participate that is 17,500 hours of computer work a day - that is 8.4 years of one person work - 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year - say inmate labor is worth 5000 dollars a year then the company is receiving $42,067 dollars worth of computer work a day and in 832 days the system is paid for and then the company will receive at least 8.4 years worth of computer work a day free forever - to receive another 50 to 100 yeas of computer work a day pay inmates 10 cents an hour that's $208 dollars for one years worth of work or 10,400 dollars a day for 50 years of computer work per day - ADC - Arizona has run a prison for over 100 years now and has never educated or rehabilitaded inmates as they need to be - with computer tablets in cells inmates can receive the education and skills needed to be an honest and productive citizen of society outside of prison - after over 100 years of the complete dysfunctional incompetence of the Arizona State Prison system to rehabilitate inmates it is obvious something else needs to be tried - computer tablets in the cells are the best way to educate inmates in whatever they want to educate themselves in there are thousands of free excellent education courses out there so no need to pay for any course that an inmate would want to study = to learn how to write computer code for free to educate inmates give inmates computer tablets not connected to the internet but preloaded with education courses - for problem child and destructive inmates use a monitor enclosed in a bullet proof glass case and bolt it to the wall - use voice recognition - tough screen - hand movement computer control technology to control the monitor and use directional sound to beam audio to an inmate then there is no need for wires or other things for an inmate to break or cause problems with = for security issues inmates with tablets can have all their books and paperwork scanned into the tablets and all letters can be scanned and be sent electronicly from the mail room to the inmates tablet thereby eliminating contraband being sent in by mail - giving inmates computer tablets will eliminate all paper property reducing inmate property by 90 to 95 percent prisons can eliminate all paper forms inmates use for if inmates have tablets they can file all forms electronicly from their tablet or monitor in their cell - to send forms and download information use the prison TV cable network - connect the prison TV cable network to a central server - not - connected to the internet but preloaded with education courses and other useful programs - movies - music - once inmates receive computer tablets there are basicly billions of hours of simple work anyone can do such as = = fold. It = = IBM world community grid - boinc project = zooniverse = and thousands of other science and social - tech sites that need free human work on = then inmates can contribute to science - society - technology - and learn stuff in the process there are thousands of free education courses on the internet = MOOC = massive open online courses = that you can download to a central server plus Harvard - Yale - MiT - all have their courses online for free as do alot of other universities - once you educate inmates so they actually have knowledge and a skill most will never return to prison. With computer monitors and tablets in prison cells 80 to 90 percent of inmates will never return to prison for a super detail of all related issues here let me know and I will send it to you - there are no "security" issues with computers in cells - the only real issue is the prison industrial complex and private prison companies do not want inmates to be educated that is the "real" issue here.

Author: Horton, Kemp

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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