The truth is for those who think and reflect

Mujahid, Shakkir T.



The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect By Shakkir Talib Mujahid I am always amazed at the simplicity and reality of Truth. Many times we allow the situations and circumstances of our lives to rush and overwhelm us that we never take time to “Think and really reflect”. We forget that though we were given emotions to feel, to love and to have compassion and sympathy; that Allah gave us a mind to rationalize, analyze, visualize with the ability to accomplish mental and spiritual telepathy... It is not that hard and not even complex; if a man really wants to understand truth and this life’s reality all he needs to do is take some time and open his mind to think and reflect. .. The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect! We have lost sight that the basic truths of life are simple and not complex, but it is our egos and abnormal need to feel important and be on top that has blinded us from thinking and having this life’s true success... It’s not like we weren’t warned about this. Throughout the history of mankind, we have been told to stop, think and reflect upon the signs of creation in all its beauty and appreciate the wisdoms of truth that lie within its midst. Throughout the history of mankind there are recorded events that show that if mankind had taken heed to the many warning and signs, he can change his circumstance and avoid the many sorrows, misery and becoming mentally, emotionally and spiritually blind... How many times after something has happen in your life that you said, “If I had of stop and thought about it, I wouldn’t have done it that way.”, but your ego, pride, arrogance, anger or impatience lead you astray. How many times when you sat and thought something through and in most cases didn’t you have good results. This is a key sign to -us of the importance of thinking and reflecting upon our thoughts... The Truth can only come to those who are open to it! We say that the Torah, The Gospel, the Jewels of Buddha or the Pearls of the Qur’an are revelations to mankind. They are wisdoms that are light to the mental, emotional and spiritual blind. But we fail to obey, reflect upon and take heed to these Divine Wisdoms we read. Forgetting that the truth is only revealed to the mind and heart when you totally surrender to the truth and spiritual beauty of all these decrees... The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect! Is it not said, “Let the people of intelligence ponder its signs and take heed.” I ask; when was the last time any of you have take time to reflect on the magnificent creation of the amazing human being. There are probably hundreds or maybe even thousands signs that we have missed because we are so caught up in fulfilling our lust, desires and temptations; seeking the pleasures of our infatuations; chasing after every thrills and physical sensation that we forget to properly use our thoughts, reflection and imagination. And you wonder why you are mentally, emotionally or spiritually lost like this... The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect! When things go wrong in this life, we are always looking for someone to blame, but didn’t the creator warn you that this life is not a game? The truth of the matter is if you don’t think, reflect upon and follow His guidance, you are doomed for misery, suffering and the fieriest blazing flames... Everyone seems to want to make their claim to the Truth. They present their concepts, ideologies, intriguing philosophies and their experiences of spirituality as a claim for their absolute proof, but most of the time instead of opening up their minds to the Wisdom and Truth of the Sublime and the light and guidance of the All Knowing and Divine; they build walls around themselves and become dogmatic and spiritually blind... The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect! Everyone seem to be looking for the truth outside of themselves, but the reality of the matter is that your perception of the world outside of yourself is only a reflection of the truth you hold inside of yourself. .. So its been said that “the Truth will set you free; then if you really want to see and understand the realities of Truth indeed, you can’t be afraid to open up and release your mind, heart and soul from under that philosophical and dogmatic lock, bolt and key... Has it not been said that “We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them as a game; We did not create them except with Truth, but most of them do not know it. “ The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect! Everything that is created is a reflection of Truth. No matter how you see it, its existence is the proof. It’s doesn’t matter whether it’s the seen or unseen; It’s doesn’t matter whether you call it love, hate or even man or ape. Each bares its own truth, this is why you must learn, know, understand and humble yourself to that which is its source and its root... Do you not understand who is your True enemy? The one who wants you caught up in the illusions, delusions and deceptions of this life’s reality. He is the Master Deceiver, the corrupter of souls, The Shaitan, his demons and his legion of corrupt jinns. Their only mission is to keep you blind and a slave to your desires and cause you mental, emotional and spiritual destruction in the end... So, if you really want to be free and understand the truth of this life’s reality. The key is no longer a mystery, it requires you to Think and Reflect upon the knowledge you receive and demonstrate the qualities of openness, patience, trust and humility. The Truth is for those who Think and Reflect!

Author: Mujahid, Shakkir T.

Author Location: Maryland

Date: July 7, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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