The truth of fortune behind the generations

Torres, Eduardo



The truth of Fortune behind the Generations Eduardo Torres PO Box 409020 Ione CA 45640 Blacks may expirience the most disparity because of the prevalence of poverty and discrimination perhaps due to slavery day and other opressive times, however why do their majority suffer so much? Although I can believe some things about life are actually accident's I dont hold the same beliefs about statistics about human conditions. For example the best basketball player in one enviorment is not the best basketball player in the other enviorment. Enviorments then define more than the place people are and are the root to statistics sociology. Why is it that poor people lack ability even when they dedicate themselfs? It sounds normal to believe economic barriers are obvious determinants in success but that should not be true in factors where economic stop playing a role. Sports for example show intrinsic ability and overall function that has little to do with economics but when you put a poor player against a wealthy player who play just as much the wealthy player will most likely win if the basis of the game is fair. Im implying wealthy people know something poor people don't. Power can be knowledge wealth or other character qualities but what's is the extent to these vague aspects of life? I belief there is a rift between poor people and wealthy people because of many things but the root cause that separates people from eachother is subliminal, or biased outlooks generally made by the leaders of both groups. Take fortune for example a very difficult concept to grasp until your old enough to adapt and see reasons behind outcomes. In people fortune can be diverse ad in some cases never outstanding or unnoticed but I think every individuals fortune brings faith for the paths that individuals have in there future in order to have a striaghter path that I believe makes it easier for destiny. Destiny may have a plan for a certain important few and how we associate with it is very important. Are fortune tellers really able to conject accurate details of people's futures? I still believe in a higher power more every day now that have got to know people before my generation and see how they articulate life behind their eyes. I think however some people hold secrets to their source of fortune. Further, I believe some people that have secrets of this kind leech off of others natural God given talent and vitality and it's racist, and evil. We then live in a world where sacred life has been warped and deserated and that's the answer to philosophers most important questions about life. Communicate this awareness for few people find this out and continue on their God given path toward a truly better world. -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: December 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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