The truth of mass incarceration

Brownell, Charles A.



The Truth of Mass Incarceration CFD P1 The United States is the most Prison Incarceration happy Nation of all Nations or Countries on Earth. The United States of America sells lies about "Prison" how it's a "Correction of the errant by reform and rehabilitation" system. The government sells (lies) that Prisons provide everything adequatly and appropriatly for all the Inmates' needs especially nutrition, medical, and mental health and boast how they supply superb "programs" that educate the errant to correct their behaviors. Lies about teaching the errant people social skills and work skills needed to reintegrate back into society as a new person exactly as society expects and wants the person to be. Lies how freed Inmates will immediatly pick up on life and hold a job better than before they went to Prison as if nothing ever happened. Lies of all these "great" things and foods provided to the Inmates. None of this is the truth! Mass Incarceration has nothing to do with corrections and has everything to do with Retaliatory Punishment, Enslavement of the People, Human Trafficking (slavery as both Sex and Labor) and Industrialization of People as a Multi-Billion Dollar per year for profit traded industry. Yes! This is Exploitation of the People, the Commonwealth, for profit, huge profit. In all studies 100% of all errant incarcerated suffer mental health disorders. Proof the Government is exploiting (taking advantage of) hundreds of thousands of people with mental illnesses. Disabilities that majority were born with, some were the results of accidents or dugs and none of them can help it nor control it. All of this is so that the U.S. system can "legally" illegally make huge profits from these citizens with disabilities while also exploiting the friends and families of these Inmates. Worst yet, the attrocious, barbaric and archaic conditions, abuses (sexual, physical, mental, etc...) torment, torture, lack of P2 help, lack of support or medical/mental care. This all renders worse damages to these people and does nothing to "help" them. Nothing to "reform and/or rehabilitate" the errant but it does actually creat very real "criminals" and criminal mindsets from long term torture and abuse of people. Most Prisoners are normal people who simply made a mistake and need counseling or mental health therapy and/or correct mental health medication. Statistics prove in all states that the actual crime rate fluctuates up and down and has been on a steady decline and yet the rate of incarceration has been on a sharp exponential incline. Most State Prison Systems have an overcrowding problem that is artificially created with the "parole" system. The State exploits the parole system and People on parole with arbitrary "Technical Parole Violations" of which the Parolee did not break a law nor commit a crime at all. No! The Parolee was violated and put back in Prison for allegedly breaking an arbitrary "rule" set by the Parole Officer or the Parole Board. Often the Parole Officer will get bonuses for putting Inmates back in prison on Parole Violations on rules that are as arbitrary as a child's rules in playing their game. You cannot win! Many Parole Officers have been known to lie to put good people back in Prison for bonus pay. Arkansas loves to give out 6 month Parole Violations. The Parolee by law and Code is supposed to go back to Prison and serve 180 days then if they've stayed out of trouble, be reinstated back on Parole. No! Not at all! See, they serve the 6 months even trouble free and Arkansas gives the person denials... often many to continue to hold them in Prison for not breaking the law... The Truth of Mass Incarceration CFD P3 Now how the hell does that work? This abuse is why Parole Violations, except in the comittal of a criminal violation, should be done away with. Until it can be abolished, force the System to reinstate parole as soon as the Parole Violation term is served as the Parole Board shall Not be allowed to issue denials except in cases where the offender has been in trouble for violent or aggravated offense while incarcerated that would result in a new criminal charge by law. Many Prison Systems force Inmates into slavery while the Prison System and State claim they do not do this practice. Arkansas lies about this by saying, "All Inmate jobs are "optional" and "voluntary" as their "known by law to be arbitrary" Classification System assigns Inmates to job assignments or programs that are classified as a job. Arkansas punishes Inmates by loss of good time, loss of class and Good Time Eligability, Loss of Commissary, Loss of Phone and Visitation Contact, and possible time in solitary... in extream cases physical beating and if you have medical needs or special needs they'll neglect that. This is the punishment for missing "work" or "program" duties that are supposed to be "Optional and Voluntary." Arkansas also "claims" to pay their Inmates for working yet they are not. This is why a new bill got passed that now forces ADC to pay their Inmates for work which goes into effect January 2021. Arkansas uses and abuses Inmates as slaves to manually tend farms and plantations for the farm or plantation's owner that ADC charges labor fees for. Inmates are also forced to slave labor in factories, county clean up, "Personal Use" by staff including sex slavery, Pawns, Goons, Drug Runners or Dealers, anything that ADC and ADC staff can P4 think of, demand, or want and especially if it makes them tons of money. Arkansas is not the only state that does this. The Prison Systems and Criminal Justice Systems do not care about the people, only what they can make off the exploitation of these people!!! If the Systems didn't make a profit, they wouldn't exist and what's sick is now they are seriously targeting women and children too. The Industrialization of Mass Incarceration will bring the destruction of the People and the Nation as revolts against this abuse and tyranny are already being planned. The people are tired of their families being torn appart and their loved ones being abused and murdered leaving all of them mentally damaged because of the corrupt bullshit of the Prisons and the Criminal Justice System. Most of the "Officials" are Corrupt. The Police give tickets and fines that are all about making money not enforcing law. In Arkansas, the Arkansas Board of Correction, Arkansas Department of Correction, Arkansas Communication Correction, Arkansas Parole Board, all State Judges, all State Prosecuting Attorneys, and all State Public Defenders have the exact same employer who pays them and this employer has a goal that all these State Employees must follow. This is why a Public Defender's job is not actually to defend the accused but instead to ensure the best interest of the State and it's money rolling Prison Slavery System by getting all the accused with little or no evidence for conviction and even those with evidence to sign a plea agreement (which is always coerced with lies and threats and is always against The Truth of Mass Incarceration CFD P5 your will because you're a prisoner in Jail and in Prison and thus cannot be bound by contract because all signed documents and contracts are considered coerced and forced under know and perceived fear of punishment/Retaliation for not following an order which is to "sign"). This is to greatly reduce cost of Court Trials on the State and to always send people to prison so the people involved get their bonuses and the State gets their slaves. The conviction rate is high at 98% but is this low to give a "Perception" that there's a "Chance" you might win and not go to prison and makes the system feel they're not corrupt. If not this positive conviction would be much less especially if all cases went to trial as they're supposed to. The entire Court and Criminal Justice System now is biased and stacked against the people. This is how Prosecution, Judges, and Public Defenders get their bonuses. Arkansas, like many other States, the Parole Officers force felons on parole to pay a $35 a month fee to stay out of Prison as a "Pay for your Freedom" scam or the Parolee is sent back to Prison. This is a sick corrupt tactic as it makes it that much more difficult to stay out and is nothing but a dissolut tactic to further exploit Prisoners for yet more money. Think about the fact that at any given moment Arkansas has tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of People on parole. How many millions and billions are they going to be allowed to exploit from society before they're stopped? What are they doing with all this "blood" money claiming to always be low on funds? Parole Officers look for any arbitrary reason to give P6 out parole violations even if they have to change the "rules" unknown to the parolee then bust them on that. This practice is because ADC will make $24,000 per person being put in prison and will pay "kickback" bonuses for Parole Violations / Revocations to the parole officers. ADC also uses Parole Violations to fill beds and artificially cause "overcrowding" conditions to pressure for more funds and more prisons. ADC also wants their precious slaves back to make more money off of. This slavery practice causes so many to be needlessly denied parole and held captive. What's sick is ADC can "claim" institutional need for a person that is a prisoner who was granted parole but cannot go home because of this "Institutional Need" and force the person to serve 100% of their time as an ADC slave! So many are falsely denied parole and so many are falsely brought back on 6 month parole violations and denied parole again. This is the cost of the Industrialization of Mass Incarceration. It's absolute tyanny because the Government has made it nearly impossible to fight the Prison System while you're incarcerated and you cannot defend yourself because of this. The Federal Government knows they do this illegal activity and defend them not stop them. They all want slaves with no care if the inmate, a person, dies. It's the Department of Corruption, Abuse, Retaliation, and Punishment. It's not the Department of Correction! This is the truth of mass incarceration. especially in the dissolute state of Arkansas where it's all about the money, not the people nor law or Justice!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: January 29, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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