The unbreakable queen

Cherry, Danny W.



The Unbreakable Queen by Danny Cherry I walked Pendleton's camp like Naomi Campbell; I was born to supermodel. The state's hideous brown onesie, and its innumerable haters, could not discourage me; I was over. Pendleton was abundant in miserable employees, and drug addicted prisoners; Those losers received no audience from me; Ever. Negative individuals did not even exist to me; I saw the world in technicolor; It was gorgeous. Pendleton's gays were far worse than straight boys were there. Those children showed their true colors - treacherous, envious, petty - on a nonstop basis, and were junkies too. There was one, however, named Joey who was dear to me; she was an old queen who accepted my shine. I ran into her coming from the barbershop. "Hey Cherry! I Love You!" "What's going on honey; I love you more! Finally the girl was able to do away with that damn Frederick Douglass look; my butch-queen days have long past!" We both were dying laughing as we hugged and went our separate ways. My new thermal underwear felt like a catsuit, which was perfect, since I strutted my cell's floor like a catwalk in Paris during fashion week. Most days I felt like Eliza Dolittle at Ascot, other like Miss Dolittle dancing the Waltz with the Transylvanian prince after being complement by his mother; the queen of Transylvania, "Charming, quite Charming." The only difference was, in my vision, I danced the Embassy Waltz with Jack Choi; that boy was too damn fine. As soon as I got out of the shower, I performed my cosmetics ritual; Pink oil moisturizer and sulfur 8 medicated conditioner in my hair; 100% Coco Butter and Aloe Vera lotion from hair-line to toe; Baby Powder in private areas to absorb moisture and for added freshness. My heart yearned for a B-day; Yonce was my girl, so I conceded. I built the Ultimate Beyonce playlist, then applied a heavy coat of Carmex to my lips; I felt fabulous. My favorite part came on as I "[got...bodied]" with Queen B. "Snap fo' da kids." I snapped the house down boots.

Author: Cherry, Danny W.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: November 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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