The unfairness of subdivision (h) of senate bill

Milo, Jessie



October 2018 To: Prison Writing Archive Subject: The Unfairness Of subdivision (h) of Senate Bill,SB261. Hello, my name is Jessie D. Milo, I am a "Youth Offender" serving LWOP equivalent for Non-Homocide committed in my youth. I have No prior or post history of violence. I am excluded from relief under Subdivision (h), of Sb261, due to a prior burglary also committed in my youth. I attend groups held by the Anti Recidivism Coalition, and was inspired by Mr. David Garnica and Jacob Brevard, by their story of redemption. They were permitted a chance to parole, and now they work with the state to enter prisons and mentor. Mr. Garnica had double murder and he earned redemption. Mr. Brevard had one murder and 5 attempts and inhouse stabbings and he also earned redemption. I have attempted murder and no other violence, I would also like a chance to earn redemption, and serve society, Subdivision (h) of sb261 is excluding me from that chance. As a boy I was raised by the street and never taught how to be a man... Through my years in prison I've had time to reflect, look within myself and grow into the man I am today, in essence, a man for the first time. Years ago I dropped out and separated myself from all gangs and live on an SNY yard for my safety. I am an ADA disability assistant. I attend self help groups and help others attend as well. I have numerous letters of support from officers and staff for my exemplary conduct and rehabilitative efforts. I've graduated numerous programs including, but not limited to, Victims Awareness, Building Resilience, ARC-Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous, ARC-Youth Offender, Peer Mentoring, Communication Skills, and various CBT/DBT - Cognitive and Dialectical behavior Groups. I'm currently in college and kicking butt while being stressed out over tests at the same time. I am becoming a better student so its pretty cool. I've been in jail a long time and always look for positive opportunities and ways to be of service to others. Helping others helps me find a sense of purpose for my own life. My families getting older and my Dad and little brother Matthew Milo need me out there as much as I need them. I know I and my story could be of great service in our communities reaching out to at risk youth. , Please advocate for removing Subdivision (h) of Senate Bill SB261. or make exceptions for. non-homocide offenders with prior strikes so we wont be exempt from SB261. Murders go after 25 years in, I propose non-murders go to board after 15 years. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jessie D. Milo Innate #P.40495 California State Prison Corcoran

Author: Milo, Jessie

Author Location: California

Date: October 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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