The unique injustice: fake charges and the slave-making process explained in 5 steps

Gent, Omar



"The Unique Injustice" Fake Charges & The Slave-making Process Explained In 5 Steps Written By Omar Gent The Colorado criminal justice system is a unique slavocracy because: Minorities & the poor are charged, tried convicted, forced to accept a plea bargain and / or to be sentenced to prison (& eventually Parole, if the accused is so-called "Parole eligible") for serious felony charges that don't legally exist. Imagine being arrested / jailed & processed through the courts, when the serious felony charges against you are absolutely fake / totally illegal, so by law, the charges & the court don't legally exist. But yet, the corrupt prosecutor, the defacto Judge & your pettifogger defense attorney, collude together to illegally jail you & process you through a kangaroo court to answer charges that are not real or legal in any sense! (see Article 2 Section 8, of the Colorado Constitution. ) The charges are not real or legal because: (1) The prosecutor(s) gathered information & evidence from the statement(s) of the alleged victim(s) of the crime & the Police department that arrested you. (2) Then the prosecutor(s) drafted a written accusation of crime that originally came from the Police department / detective that investigated / arrested you. (3) Next, the prosecutor illegally bypassed the investigative Grand Jury & filed the serious felony charges (listed ona complaint or information) into the defacto / kangaroo court of a corrupt Judge. The Judge is a Corrupt Usurper because: (4) The very moment the prosecutor bypassed the Grand Jury & filed the serious felony charges in court, the felony charges became absolutely NULL & VOID (meaning they don't legally exist) & both the prosecutor & the Judge / kangaroo court is comitting multiple crimes / extrinsic fraud, to charge or punish / imprison you for a serious felony, because the Colorado Courts, defense attorney's, & the prosecutor must ensure that all citizens charged with serious felonies are investigated & indicted by a Grand Jury before they can be legally charged & punished / imprisoned for serious felonies or death penalty crimes. (see the MANDATORY indictment clause of Article 2, Section 8, the Colorado Constitution. ) (5) The Grand Jury's duty is to determine if enough probable Cause exist to hold a person for trial, to limit the power of Judges, & to investigate the serious felony charges files against a citizen to ensure that fact is separated from fiction so that the Police, alleged victim(s) of the crime, & the prosecutors, are not making groundless or false accusations that could ruin a person's public reputation / send them to prison or death row unjustly. In Colorado : When prosecutors file & prosecute serious felony charges after bypassing the Grand Jury, prosecutors are not only comitting extrinsic fraud / multiple crimes, they are allowing police & the alleged Victim(s) to decide who gets snatched off the street & illegally convicted and / or sentenced to prison or even death row, reguardless if the accusation of crime is true, false or lacking or non existent. Judges intentionally break the Supreme Law of the Land & they crown prosecutors as infallible dictators when when Judges allow prosecutors to prosecute serious felony charges in a Court of Law after the prosecutor refused to have those serious felony charges investigated & affirmed by a Grand Jury Indictment. Thats what makes the Colorado Criminal Justice System uniquely evil: You can be illegally charged & prosecuted for a serious felony that doesn't really exist, & you can be kidnapped & sentenced to prison by a depraved & hypocritical government that broke the law to accuse / convict you of breaking the Law. You can be made a prison slave just because the Colorado Criminal Justice System says so. Please go to free our & sign our petition en masse. Leave us your name & email if you can't access the petition. Help us fight illegal mass incarceration. PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP. Omar J. Gent [drawing: noose hanging from a crown, with hand-lettered script reading "In Colorado Lynch Law is King"]

Author: Gent, Omar

Author Location: Colorado

Date: January 17, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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