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Nesbitt, Randy, Sr.



Mr. Randy Nesbitt Sr. P.0. Box. 3000 White Deer, PA. 17887 #06733—016 Dgqp) pH,sa‘pl Wrotlltfj /qr¢hnrrE> _ H4"‘3}7 5, 42.017 The United States of America just may be the greatest Country in the history of the world. A Country in which you can travel for thousands of miles across the roads and highways without being stopped by any law enforcement officials to be asked for your personal documentation. A Country in which you have the ability to purchase any sort of item that will make your existence in this Country just that much better. A Country in which you will have the ability to flick a switch in your house and a continuous supply of electricity will enter your dwelling to power all of your electrical devices. A Country in which you have the chance (in many areas) to turn your faucet on and clean drinking water will come out; as opposed to living in some Countries around the world in which you may have to travel for hundreds of miles to visit a well, or public faucet, in order to fill your containers up so that you can carry them back to your house for your use. A Country that you are fortunate enough to reside inside of that has the greatest military that the world has ever seen. A fact of life that allows you to carry on with your mundane everyday lives, without the threat of waking up one day to another Country occupying this land. But with all of that said, we would be foolish.not to understand that there are a lot of things that are transpiring inside of this Country that are bringing down the living standards of our citizens. Such as the high cost of education. With education here in the United States being something that should be looked at as a National Security issue in order to keep this Country in the forefront of bringing forth the educated masses that are necessary for moving forth the mechanisms of our society. This would keep us from bringing into this Country the educated masses that have been educated in other Countries that we use in American Corporations to create the technologically advanced devices and weapons systems that keep us safe, and even some of the devices that we use in our daily lives. with many of those other Countries that we get educated individuals from having already taken a serious look at the education of their citizens a long time ago, because they understand that it is the easiest way for them to catch up with the United States on an economic level. The cost—of-living in this Country is getting worser and worser every 1 year. With the wages that the average American citizen earns not being enough to keep up with the amount of money that he/she is going to need in order to keep up with the Bills that that citizen is going to accumulate every month. With the wages not being able to keep up with the amount of money that he/she has to pay out, which will force that citizen to seek out other forms of employment that will bring in some of the monetary short—fall that the citizen is suffering through. This causes a snowball effect in that citizen's life, because he/she is now forced to focus more on earning money as opposed to spending quality time with his/her kids. An action that would keep his/her child from becoming a burden to our society that will cost the taxpayer through having to pay for another citizen's incarceration, psychological care, or some other sort of welfare status that the taxpayer will be unknowingly paying into. The cost of healthcare and prescription medications in this Country is ridiculously high! Something that makes me understand why parents all across the world have been steering their children towards medical educations for decades. Because those parents understand that their children would become very wealthy if they went into the healthcare industry. Money that the Healthcare Industry is reaping from large segments of the American population. Mostly from people that can't afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for medical surgeries that they need to save their lives! This doesn't even include a citizen having to pay hundreds of dollars for one particular bottle of pills that the citizen will have to acquire again in a couple of weeks in order to extend his/her life. Facts of life in our new usociety that usually puts the citizen in debt beyond his/her life. A debt that will carry over into the lives of that citizen's spouse, or children. A financial pain that usually doesn't end! A lot of the harmful subjects that I am discussing here are correctable, but those corrections will have to come through the voting processes that begin all of the way down at the local levels in the States, before they can even reach the level of National Elections. But our citizens will have to begin to educate themselves to the facts of their concerns instead of allowing their thoughts on the subjects to be skewered by the pundits on television and radio, or newspapers that are setting forth their own agendas. With most of the punditls agendas being sponsored by Lobbyists who have their own reasons for having a Bill pass, or fail, in Congress. And the Lobbyist's reasonings behind using his/her influence in pushing the Bill is only to line the Lobbyist pockets. And in the day of the Internet, there is really no reason for the citizen to not take the time to research; the issues that they are concerned with, instead of just 2 taking some spoken words of a person that the citizen has never even met! Then the Voting Citizens in this Country will have to get back to voting for what is best for this Country, instead of what is best for that particular voter. Because that voter is going to have to begin to understand that he/she is voting for other people that don't have the Right to vote. The prespective voter needs to understand that the United States is populated by over 330 million people, with only 30 to 40 million of those citizens voting in many of the National Elections in this Country. Why does this happen? There are many different reasons that brings about the causes for a person that is living in America not to have the ability to cast a vote: (1) A Citizen may not be eligible to vote at that point in his/her life because they have not reached the age requirements, (2) A person living in this Country may ’ not have Citizen Rights at the time of an Election due to that person emigrating from one of the European Countries, Asian Countries, Middle Eastern Countries, African Countries, or Central— and South— American Countries, and (3) some people don't vote because they have become frustrated with the whole process. Which is something that I personally don't agree with, because as far as I am concerned that person is violating his Rights as an American Citizen when he/she does not cast a vote in the American Electorial System, then turns right around and complains about the voting process. Why would a citizen of this Country complain about the Voting System here in this Country, when heA§1e has the ability to correct and change the Voting System itself. Something that can be done by voting! By letting his/her voice be heard. Voting Citizens here in the United States need to stop voting for a candidate just because a lot of other people are voting for the same candidate! These Voters need to vote for the candidates that they believe is the best man/woman for the job, regardless of how many percentage points that the candidate. is projected to be "up" or "down" in the process! And I want to convey this statement as strongly as I can to the Liberal and Conservative Voters. PLEASE- Stop listening to the Liberal, or Conservative, pundits and do your research into the candidates before you cast your vote, because you have not been doing your job as an American voter. A voter that is casting a vote that will change that person's life and the lives of other people that the voter may never even meet. TOUR VOTE CHANGES LIVES! And in many aspects of my statements in this article, it is a must that I convey to you the fact that your vote is going to affect a whole lot more people in the United States, and sometimes even the world, than just yourself or your family. So start being a responsible voter (instead. of just a Liberal or Conservative voter) and vote for what is best for the people that are living here in the United States of America. Put your Country before your own personal desires. I As I said earlier in this article, you are voting for more people than just yourselves, with me outlining some of those individuals already. But there is one group that I wanted to save for last. People that have lost their Rights to vote because they have been arrested for some sort of crime in their past that;has cost them theirrVoting Rights. With.many of these Citizens having been convicted of a low-level felony over a decade ago, and still have not regained their Voting Rights even though they have not committed another crime in their lives. You are probably asking yourselves, why would those sorts of people not have regained their Rights to vote at that point in their lives? With that being a very good question. A question that I don't have a proven answer for. But I personally believe that this is done by the politicians in order to keep control of the Voting Process. A semblance of control that allows the Politicians to stay in their jobs regardless of how bad their job performance is! I say this because the majority of these Citizens who have lost their Voting Rights are poor - or cashstrapped — citizens that would most likely begin to cast votes that would change their plights Think about what I am saying here. Because most of the people that have had their Voting Rights taken from them come from the lower levels of society. Underprivileged white communities. Underprivileged black communities. Underprivileged hispanic communities. .People that are third, fourth, and fifth generation levels of families that have been living in this Country for their entire lives. People that through fate - or fault - of their own have lost the ability to vote. Leaving them with no say—so in what we call the Democratic Process of the United States. I These people live in your communities. Work at your places of employment, and pay taxes. But they just don't have the ability to have any say—so in the political process of this Country. I believe that if these political castaways had the ability to cast a vote here in this Country that they would vote the Politicians into office that would get rid of our inept healthcare system. Saving this Country tens of billions of dollars every year. They would push.harder to get the correct Politicians into office that would pass Bills that would make it impossible for a Pharmaceutical Company to Charge their customers exorbitant prices for medicines that those 4 people are in dire need of. And I believe that they would be instrumental in bringing these changes about because they are most affected by these policies. Two changes that really could be a major improvement for this Country and for the entire populace of this Country regardless of the Race of the person. The list goes on with the things that could be done on a political level, if these people are given their Voting Rights back. Things that could make this Country Great Again!

Author: Nesbitt, Randy, Sr.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: March 5, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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