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Chi, Anson



"United States of Torture" by Anson Chi, 9/11/2018 Torture isn't exactly your regular dinner topic and that word probably triggers thoughts of some Third World prison or the latest Hollywood blockbuster. But it's a regular nightmare for me because the United $tates literally tortured me almost to death.... On June 18, 2012, I was in a serious accident that later put me in Parkland Hospital (or Hell-spital), the same one where JFK died at. The Government labeled me as a(n alleged) terrorist, anarchist, sovereign citizen, you name it, and all over national/world headlines. So while I was locked in an ICU all by myself with no one around, local police officers convince the nurses to have a little fun with me... Tied to a bed with restraining straps, they injected caustic chemicals through V lines into the median basilic vein of my left forearm and the dorsal vein of my right hand, which burned liquid fire throughout my body. I was in so much pain that I kept passing in and out of consciousness. They injected so much of the noxious poison that it exploded out of my veins ripping my skin to reveal gaping flesh. Of course, I still have the severe permanent torture injuries to this day. And of course, I have tried assiduously to get a simple and cheap medical examination - venous Doppler ultrasound by a radiology technician (or someone in nuclear medicine) - for over 6 years now, but the $tate has deceptively stopped me in every way by covering it up, even altering my medical records to make my severe torture injuries appear as though they were the result of the accident I was in, but their crucial mistake was that once I healed up, my severe torture injuries look totally different and are completely different from the injuries of the accident - Oops! For full details, award-winning author Derrick Jensen helped post my detailed letter at to see the torture pictures, tortured confession, etc., go to for my high-profile case: 4:12CR155 E.D.Tex., docket entry no. 176-78 or ROA. 15-40861.833-927. Still of course, the torture doesn't end there. Because of my severe injuries, I get headaches whenever I go through x-ray scanning machines, like the ones at the airport. And because I refuse to go through these cancer machines, the United $tates of Prisons forces me through them and even beats me up. On November 8, 2017, at FCI McDowell, I refused the RADPRO/SECURPASS x-ray so, while I was cuffed with my hands behind my back, the prison guards smashed my head to the wall, slammed me around, and denied me medical treatment for my extensive injuries. Then at USP Canaan, from April 23-25, 2018, I was chained up too tightly in full metal restraints, thrown into an intensely bright and freezing cold cell, assaulted off and on, deprived of sleep as well as starved, the entire time, x-rayed over and over ad nauseam, denied medical treatment as usual, and so forth and so on. For full details, see my affidavits at You would think I'd learned my "lesson," but the only lesson I've learned is Never Give Up! We've suffered and endured so much from this oppressive system that our only option is resistance and revenge! If Nazi-style torture can't stop me, then nothing can stop me. And nothing should stop you either. So continue to write, study, grow, and unite each other. Never Give Up and Always Fight Back! And if you really want to fight back, use me. Help me get my medical examination - I do not need money, just friendly assistance - so that I can prove the Government almost tortured me to death for a forced confession and covered it up by doctoring my medical records, which will get my case reversed and ultimately dismissed; that'll send shockwaves around the world when I expose the United States of Torture for all of their countless acts of egregious misconduct. Then I can spread the word about ULK/USW/MIM (Prisons) all over the media, and make us a household name; use me to get our message out! So many countries hate the United $tates, so try to get one of them - the Russian consulate, Iranian embassy, North Korean ambassador, whomever - to help me get that medical exam, and in return, I'll help that country in any way to get back at the United $tates. My national-and-world headline case put me, Anson Chi, all over the Internet, so if you want to help me, you can always find me through and contact me that way. In Solidarity, Respect Existence or Expect Resistance! Anson "Chibola" Chi

Author: Chi, Anson

Author Location: New York

Date: September 11, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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